How much does it cost to study ms in Germany for Indian students?

Cost of MS in Germany for Indian students

Germany has become the top choice for students, who wish to pursue a Masters Degree abroad at an affordable price. MS in Germany cost is relatively cheaper when compared to many other countries.

Below you can find all the information needed to calculate the cost of doing MS in Germany. Even though education is the least expensive there are many expenses you need to consider while pursuing masters in Germany. Here, we will give summarized information on overall expenses for MS in Germany. Check out each of them in detail;

  • Germany tuition fees for international students
  • Cost of living in Germany for students
  • Masters scholarships in Germany for international students.

Germany tuition fees for international students

You might have heard that public universities in Germany are free of tuition fees; yes! It’s true, but only to an extent. Public universities in Germany do not charge a tuition fee for Master degrees except if you plan to do masters on a different subject other than the subject of your Bachelor degree. The free tuition system is available for all international students regardless of their country of origin. You will have to pay an administration fee which usually costs around 100 - 200 EUR/year. This fee covers organization services and your enrolment. And you will have to pay this to re-enroll every semester. But you have to pay tuition fees, if you couldn’t finish your course on time and also if you study in Bremen, Lower Saxony, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt or Turingia.

Tuition fees at private universities

The cost of Masters from a private university in Germany will usually be higher than at a public institution. Private universities in Germany are financed from tuition fees so international students will have to pay between 3,000 - 20,000 EUR/year. Fees vary depends on universities and field of study you choose. Some degrees such as engineering or business have a higher tuition fee compared to degrees in fields like education or social sciences.

Here are average tuition fees at some of the top-ranked German Universities for masters

  • SRH Hochschule Berlin - about $700 - $800 a month. Some master's programs may be just 10 months long while others may be twice that
  • Technical University of Munich - average tuition fees 2,000 EUR/year.
  • Heidelberg University – average tuition fees 6,000 EUR/year.
  • Humboldt University of Berlin – no tuition fees
  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich – no tuition fees

Cost of living in Germany for students

Cost of living in Germany varies depends on the city you live in. The average cost of living per month will be around 500-800EUR. That includes accommodation, health insurance, food and groceries, telephone, clothes, books and other expenses.

Accommodation cost is the highest monthly expense of the total budget. Better options to save the cost of living in Germany for Indian students are to live in residence halls or in shared private rental apartments or rent a single apartment. (This varies according to the city).

Here is an estimation of the cost of living in Germany for Indian students in EUR/Month

    • Accommodation costs - around 120 to 300
    • Food - around 120 (If you cook at home and avoid eating outside)
    • Health insurance 90 to 120 EUR
    • Semester contribution of 300 EUR
    • Public Transportation Pass: 30 to 60 EUR

In total, a student can easily do with 500 to 800 EUR

You will get part-time jobs 20 hrs per week in which u can easily earn and u can easily manage the living cost in Germany.

Masters scholarships in Germany for international students

The German government well supports higher education by lowering tuition fees. The German government also includes some other financial support for students.

Germany is the right choice to pursue your Master's Degree with the vast availability of scholarships for Indian students. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research provides over $240 million in scholarship to students take part in research.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD):

DAAD scholarship is a programme of financial aid that focuses on German and international students and researchers. The DAAD lists a total of over 200 scholarships awarded to foreign students.


Deutschlandstipendium offers awards of 300 EUR/month for talented students for at least two semesters.

We hope, you have got an overview of the cost to do MS in Germany. Yet, if you are bewildered with the cost of living or about your admission, consult us. Our Admission Jan consultants serve you with right support and guidance and help you carve out the path towards the great journey of a world-class education.

We provide professional support for planning and preparing for your MS in Germany. Admissiongyan is the best and experienced overseas education consultants in Bangalore. To know all about studying in Germany, admission requirements, fees and visa please contact Admissiongyan, Overseas Education Consultant in Bangalore.

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6 Entrance Exams to Study MS in Germany
Entrance Exams for MS in Germany: List of Exams to Study in Germany

Exams for Admission in Germany for Indian students

“Traveling makes you rich but Travelling for education makes you wealthy”

Germany is one of the dream destinations of International/Indian students for higher studies. According to Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 6 of the top 100 and 18 of the top 200 universities in the world are in Germany. Some of the oldest and most established as well as some of the newest and most innovative universities in the world are in Germany.

Indian students who plan to study in Germany may be having lots of doubts and anticipations.

What are the exams to clear, if an Indian student wants to study in Germany? This would obviously be a question in your mind if you are planning to study in Germany.

Entrance tests to get admission in Germany:

  1. Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache
  2. Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH)
  3. English Language Proficiency Test TOEFL and IELTS
  4. Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  5. Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

The entrance tests required for Indian students to study in Germany mainly depends on the course and the university that you choose. Universities prefer Language test based on the language requirement of that particular university. So make sure to prepare for the language test which is widely accepted and fits your need.

German universities ask for German language proficiency test certificate or English language proficiency test certificate depends on the university in Germany that you choose.

German Language Proficiency Test

If you are planning to study in any German University where the medium of communication is not English, then you need to pass one of the two German Language proficiency Tests; TestDAF or DSH which are recognized by all German universities and institutions. Indian students who want to study at German universities taught in the English language are not required to take these exams

Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDAF)

TestDaf stands for Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache that means Test of German as a Foreign Language. It is an internationally recognized German language proficiency test.

The TestDaF assesses the four language skills separately (Listening, Reading Comprehension, Written, Oral). It is currently being offered 6 times a year in around 450 test centers in 9690 countries around the world.

TestDaF exam is offered by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan with five test centers across Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune, Coimbatore and Chennai in India You will receive a certificate within five to six weeks.

Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH)

DSH is another German proficiency exam. The DSH examination pattern bit similar to TestDaF as well. It consists of written and an oral examination, the test results will be graded into 3 levels as follows DSH-1, DSH-2, and DSH-3.

DSH exam has no test centers across the world, except Germany. For more information, we suggest you get in touch with German language experts.

English Language Proficiency Test (TOEFL, IELTS)

Proficiency in English is a must in order to get an admission for a Masters course in Germany. TOEFL and IELTS are two widely accepted English language tests all around the world.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardized test conducted by ETS; this test measures the ability of English proficiency of non- native English speakers to enroll in English speaking universities. TOEFL score is accepted more than 10,000 universities around the world.

IELTS is another widely accepted English proficiency test accepted by many English speaking universities. The test score accepted by almost all German universities. The average IELTS score to study in Germany depends on the university you choose. On the other hand, there are universities that do not ask for IELTS at all. So it all depends on the program and university that you are interested in.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Graduate Record Examination is accepted at many graduate and business schools in Germany. This entrance exam is required to get entry into various higher education institutions, especially if you wish to pursue engineering. There are various universities in Germany that accept GRE scores as a prerequisite for admission.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

Many business and management institutes in Germany prefer Graduate Management Admission Test. The test consists of four sections analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. GMAT is basically an aptitude test that tests the aptitude of students especially who wants to do MBA in Germany. Every year thousands of students take this test to be eligible for various management courses.

Wrapping it up:

Above mentioned tests are one of the entry requirements to get admission in German Universities. For further information please feels free to contact Admissiongyan, as an experienced overseas education consultancy, we can help you for the right support and guidance to study abroad.

To know all about studying in Germany, admission requirements, fees and visa please contact Admissiongyan, Overseas Education Consultant in Bangalore

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