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FAQs on Study Abroad Plan

If you have any questions relating to higher studies overseas in either Germany, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Ireland or Italy, then Admissiongyan will guide & help you on various services including best Universities knowledge or Universities application processing, application documentation, visa guidance, accommodation & scholarship etc. To know more about our services, kindly get in touch with Admissiongyan;

I graduated in Computer Science (Bachelor). I want to ask about what is the difference between an university and a university of applied sciences in Germany, and which suits me best ?

What is the difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering in Germany?

What are the criteria German universities look for, when reviewing an application for Master in Computer Science?

If I study at an University of Applied Sciences in Germany, can I get admission in Phd after M.Sc? I want to be a researcher. Should I avoid Universities of Applied Sciences?

Can I transfer my credits when I change to a German programme?

Do German universities consider professional working experience when choosing candidates for the universities?

Is Computer Science a good career option for higher studies in Germany?

Could you please let me know if there are good options for online master programmes in computer science in Germany for those who can’t move abroad Germany?

I am interested in Computer Graphics related Masters courses in Germany. Could you recommend me any university?

What is the most important or the hot course in the branch of CS in Germany?

I’m a specialist on Unix system. Which university could you recommend?

I am interested in Network Security. Could you recommend me any Europe university?

I am interested in process engineering related master’s courses. Please let me know if there are any universities in Europe esp., Germany or Sweden or France?

Which are the best German universities in the field of Computer Science?

What is the difference between studying Computer Science in Germany and the USA?

What is the average cost of getting a Master’s degree in Computer Science from a University?

1. Why choose Germany to study in as a foreign student?

2. What exactly is ‘Studienkolleg’?

3. Can I study in Germany in English language?

4. What exactly are the International Degree Courses?

5. Is it mandatory for international students to have passed TOEFL or IELTS in order to enroll on a study program that is taught entirely in English?

6. What are the “Fachhochschulen,” and in what way are they different from a University?

7. Is there free access to computer facilities and libraries at German universities?

8. Are there any age limits to apply for postgraduate study programs (Masters and Ph.D.) in Germany?

9. Are there deadlines for direct enrollment?

10. Who does the assessment and recognition of foreign earned degrees in Germany?

11. What tuition fees do higher education institutions charge in Germany?

12. Do I need a lot of money to finance my stay in Germany?

13. What are good places, other than universities, to apply for a scholarship if I want to study in Germany?

14. Will I be allowed to work while studying in Germany?

15. Can my spouse/husband who will accompany me in Germany work too?

16. Will I be liable to pay taxes in Germany?

17. Do I have to open a German bank account?

18. Can I bring my spouse and children to Germany while I am studying over there?

19. Do I need a student visa to study in Germany?

20. What documents do I need when I apply for a student visa?

21. If I have proof of admission from a German university providing full scholarship, is it necessary that I produce other financial proof in order to obtain the student visa?

22. If my study program will be taught entirely in English, is it still necessary for me – in order to be issued a visa – to produce proof of sufficient German language skills?

23. Once I complete my studies at a German higher education institution and therefore the reason why I got issued the student visa ceases to exist, do I have to leave the country immediately?

24. How can I get the residence permit?

25. What is the typical path to a Ph.D. in Germany in a nutshell?

26. Which qualification do I need to present to be admitted for Ph.D. Programmes?

27. How can I gain a doctorate in Germany?

28. What are the admission/enrollment criteria at German universities and other higher education institutions?

29. Do all of my documents, enclosed in the application I’m sending in, have to be originals/certified or can they be copies instead?

30. What level of knowledge of the German language do I need in order to attend a ‘Studienkolleg’?

31. Will my school-leaving qualification be recognised?

32. What exactly do I need for the enrollment at a university?

33. What exactly is a Studentenwerk?

34. Can I do a “Dual Studium” as a foreigner?

35. Will my driver’s license be valid in Germany?

36. Which are the best universities for my field of study?

37. What are the requirements for getting a PhD in Germany?

38. Do I have to open a German bank account?

39. What kind of insurance do I need to matriculate at a university?

40. How can I find a flat in Germany?

41. How can I get the residence permit?

42. Can I bring my spouse and children to Germany while I am studying over there?

43. Will my driver’s license be valid in Germany?

44. Will I be allowed to bring my pet to Germany?

45. Is it easy to travel around the country in Germany – how mobile can I expect to be?

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