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Things to know before moving to Sweden as a student

12 Jun/2017

What should I know before moving to Sweden as a student? Today lot of students after completing their Graduation degree have a very big dream of doing Masters in Sweden or completing their Master’s Degree from a top recognized college from abroad. In this scenario, it is very important for the students, apart from searching


Apply for bachelor studies in Germany for Computer Science and Engineering

23 May/2017

Apply for bachelor studies in Germany for Computer Science and Engineering     Today education is not just confined to the four walls of an institution. With the growing demand for quality education and competition due to the globalization, standard education has become as important as food and shelter for livelihood. And when it comes

ms in germany

How Indian Students Apply German Universities for Higher Studies

7 Apr/2017

  How to Apply German Universities for Higher Studies   In the present day of competition and globalization choosing the best path and taking the correct decision has become very important for a successful career for everyone. It is the globalization that has made the whole world sinks into a single home. As a result,

Study in germany visa

Apply for Visa and Passport for Study in Germany

28 Mar/2017

Visa and Passport for Study in Germany     Germany being one-of-the-best educational standards has turned out to be the dream destination for students from all around the world for higher studies. Whether it’s free tuition fee or the top universities. Germany has attracted aspiring students towards it. The better career opportunities that one can

Government funding for students studying in abroad

Best European countries to study after getting funded:

15 Apr/2016

  The Government will help students to study abroad! Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education administers only those scholarships/fellowships which are being offered by the foreign countries under Cultural Exchange Programs and other Programs. The subject fields are generally chosen for those subject fields, facilities for which are available in the donor

Applying for Daad Scholarship India

How to apply for Daad scholarship from India?

15 Apr/2016


Best Colleges for MS in Germany

Requirements & Expenses to do MS in Germany:

15 Apr/2016

Requirements for MS in German colleges: Applying for Admission You have to apply for admission directly to the universities. Application forms can be requested from the International offices of universities. The filled applications have to be sent back to the university along with documents required to be attached. The attached documents must normally be authenticated

MS Admission in Germany

Steps involved to get a MS admission in Germany:

15 Apr/2016

MS Admissions in Germany! Germany is one of the top European Countries for higher studies and a dream destination for students who want to settle in Europe after studies. It is well known for MS in engineering, especially Automobile. Getting an admission into German Universities can be a huge task. The education is free but


Best colleges for MS in Germany and The Top Universities for MS in Mechanical

15 Apr/2016

Source: studyingermanytumblr The best & popular colleges in Germany to study MS are as follows: 1 – Technical University of Munich 2 – University of Regensburg 3 – Albstadt-Sigmaringen University 4 – Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kie 5 – Technische Universität Darmstadt 6 – Universität Konstanz 7 – Johannes Gutenberg University 8 – Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg

Overseas Education Consultancy Keyword Ideas for Students

Keyword Ideas for Google Search while looking for MS program:

29 Nov/2015

Most of the time students would have challenge of usingt te right query that goes in a Search Engine (either Google / Yahoo / Bing) while looking for the right information relating to their higher studies in foreign countries,mainly Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, France, USA, Canada, UK & more. Understanding this challenge, Admissiongyan Overseas Education brings

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