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9 Things to know before moving to Sweden as a Student

by / Monday, 12 June 2017 / Published in Blog, study in sweden

What should I know before moving to Sweden as a student?

Today lot of students after completing their Graduation degree have a very big dream of doing Masters in Sweden or completing their Master’s Degree from a top recognized college from abroad. In this scenario, it is very important for the students, apart from searching for the good colleges and universities, is to do a thorough research about the country’s geographical landscapes, climatic conditions, population, languages, culture, cost of living, education system, job prospects and a lot of other factors. So it is very important for a student to know about all the information from the overseas education consultants whom they refer to the country that he or she is going to build their career. Although there are good European countries like Germany, France, and others which provide excellent colleges for Masters Education but one European country which most of the students prefer today is to study in Sweden.

Geographical Landscape:

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  Sweden is the third largest European country in terms of area wise, which is spread across at 450295 square kilometers. The capital city of Sweden is Stockholm, which is also one of the main centers of learning. Apart from it, some of the other beautiful cities that are good resources for students willing to study in Sweden are Gothenburg, Lund, Uppsala, Umea.

Climatic Conditions:

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Since Sweden is situated quite near to the north of equator it provides a moderate climate. Although the summer remains moderately hot but the winter is chiller. If you are a coastal lover then definitely you are going to love it because of it wind factor. So don’t forget to pack your warm clothes before flying to Sweden.  

Population and Culture:

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As per the data provided by Wikipedia, the current population of Sweden is 10.0 million as on 31 March 2017. In terms of culture, cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg remain very active and drive lots of attention due to big restaurants to dine and enjoy, museums to know the rich heritage and lively concerts to enjoy. Smaller cities also provide a lively atmosphere where you can meet with the local people and community thereby making new Swedes friends. Languages: Basically Swedish is the major language spoken mostly by the vast local community, but English too is widely outspoken by a huge mass. Also a very good thing to know is that out of other European counterparts the Swedes speak the best English. It is very much essential to have a basic knowledge of the Swedish language as it will help you to interact with the local community. Knowing of the Swedish language is not a mandatory option when you think of the study in Sweden requirements, but still, there are some universities like Uppsala which offer free courses to teach Swedish languages to foreign students.

Cost of living:

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For a student planning to study Masters in Sweden, it is very important to save their money very carefully. Although the tuition fees are free, but relatively all other things are a bit costly when you go out to purchase from the local grocery shop.


Searching for an accommodation is a kind of challenge when it comes to study in Sweden requirements. If you are looking forward to study Masters in Sweden, finding an accommodation depends on 2 ways.

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While most of the universities provide accommodation or likewise the universities help you to get an accommodation or the other way is to find your own accommodation in nearby town & cities which is more risky and costly. If your options are Stockholm or Uppsala, then you have to hold your nerves because there’s already a scarcity there as a lot of foreign students are still in the queue. But do not worry since you will have the sub-let options which means you can share the bed, flat or house with other fellow students. So speaking frankly, this accommodation problem is not really a very big problem.


In terms of higher education, Sweden is one of the finest destinations in Europe

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Sweden hosts some of the top universities like Stockholm University, Lund University, Chalmers University and many more which provides excellent knowledge for students preferring to study Masters in Sweden.

GoogleImages Sweden hosts some of the top universities like Stockholm University, Lund University, Chalmers University and many more which provides excellent knowledge for students preferring to study Masters in Sweden.

Sweden hosts some of the top universities like Stockholm University, Lund University, Chalmers University and many more which provides excellent knowledge for students preferring to study Masters in Sweden.

Job Prospects/ Internship Programs:

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A foreign student who wants to study in Sweden or to pursue Masters in Sweden from any Sweden universities have the freedom of working part time after their studies. Also, there are some universities that help students to find suitable part-time jobs. Sweden is a place where one can find lots of international companies which provide an excellent opportunity for students to either start their career or lookout out of internship programs.

Medical Facility:

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If you are a foreign student and willing to study Masters in Sweden then it is an important factor to register with the Swedish Tax Agency where after the student is provided with a personal identification number which allows the student to be eligible for all medical expenses. Also, students can approach the universities to know if they provide any other medical facilities.

Admission and Visa Process:

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Last but not the least is about the admission and visa processing. There is a lot of overseas education consultant which helps students to study in Sweden. These consultants also give students all the detailed information regarding study in Sweden requirements. Also, these consultants help students in the selection of good colleges while helping them with all the visa and documentation processing. So if you are planning or facing any doubt regarding to study in Sweden, then please visit Admissiongyan – one of the best overseas education consultant or also you can visit our website for all queries and enquiry.

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