Seasonality in Germany

Seasonality in Germany

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Germany is a vast place with beautiful scenery. The Geographic Distribution characterizes the different climates at each place. Germany enjoys an average yearly temperature at about 9 degree Celsius. It is strange considering the warmth in summer. At the height of winter, some of the mountainous and hilly regions of South Germany may go down to about –10°C (14°F) or even -15°C (5°F).

The seasons in Germany are characterized by spring in March, April and May. The beginning of spring in Germany is marked by people chilling out and enjoying the whether. The Winter Season has come to a close bringing the sparkling spring into play! This season is celebrated with festivals and events in almost every town. Kurt Weill Music Festival is a popular festival all throughout Germany. The Bauhaus buildings are the ideal platform for his famous compositions. It is marked with a weeklong music fest around the city.

The summer season is predominant in the months of June, July and August. It is not only the season of tourist activity in Germany, but the prices of Airfares and Hotels around the city also bubble up leaving the tourists in a frenzy! There is a common festival all around this city, in this period called the “Stadtfest”. All age groups enjoy their time with open air concerts, fun rides, fireworks and lots of drinks and food. It is a wonderful experience for tourists to take part in these festivities with the soaking up local flavor.

The autumn season is covered is in the months of September, October and November. Taking a stroll around the woods or the garden will show you the beauty of this season. There are many German wine and harvest festivals during this season. The wine is superb along the German wine road in the south western part of the country. Gear up for the holiday season with the winter coming crushing down. The city gets ready for its grand Christmas celebration. Though the winters are cold there is no guarantee for snow. The tourists take advantage of fewer crowds and lower rates all around Germany.

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