The Best Study Abroad Consultancy in Bangalore for European Studies in 2018

The Best Study Abroad Consultancy for Indian Students

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Admissiongyan Study Abroad Consultancy in Bangalore provides the best study Abroad programs for Indian students. Admissiongyan helps to bridge the gap between students aspiring for higher education in abroad universities. Our goal is to empower students to get admission in accredited Europe universities globally. Whatever be your financial situation or status of admission, don't compromise your goals or hesitate about taking a decision to exceed in your future. Come to Admissiongyan, the best Study Abroad Consultancy in Bangalore and find a solution to make your dream take shape.

“We provide expert guidance to all students about overseas education opportunities & other requirements for more than 10 countries” ~ Admissiongyan

 Study Abroad in Top Universities in Europe

Are you interested in pursuing MS or MBA degree in Abroad? Do you want to Study in Top Universities in Europe? Are you confused with the wide range of options?   Can your aptitude help you to choose your career? Which country for overseas education is best for you? 

If you have any of the above questions in your mind, As an Study Abroad Consultant in Bangalore we can help you out with professional guidance to achieve your global dreams.

Admissiongyan offers overseas educational guidance, pieces of advice and support to students to study abroad like:- Germany, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands & France.

Admissiongyan study abroad education consultants in Bangalore help students to get all related services of overseas education at one station. We are the best at providing foreign education guidance. We give first preference to students ‘comfort and we provide them with the best services which further enable them to fly high and achieve their goals.

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Why do you want to study abroad?

The dream of studying abroad starts in your mind from childhood, and even if you finish your Bachelor degree in India, the idea to study abroad sticks to your mind and you start to think to fulfill your dream. “So take the right decision at the right time”. Still, you may be a bit afraid and have many doubts running through your mind. Don’t worry! Everyone has the same. Going abroad to do your MS (or) MBA (Masters) is a big step in your life and this would be one of the most important life-changing decision for you and your family.

Abroad Education consultants in Bangalore

You may be asking yourself many questions, but if you even have a small thought to go abroad for your higher studies, you should just move on! You let your mind to grow. Explore your ideas; you have to live where things happen on a large scale, experience the adventure and culture of the place. If you are still confused and you need suggestion to do overseas education, please get an advice from Admissiongyan overseas education consultants.

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No one can discover the world for some others. Only you have to discover it for yourself!

Overseas Education Consultancy Services for foreign studies:

  • Selection of universities
  • Applying with discretion and assisting you through the complete procedure in a cost-effective manner
  • International English Language Training Guidance such as TOEFL/IELTS
  • German Language Training
  • Mock Interviews
  • Guidance on Education Loan
  • Travel & Foreign Exchange Arrangements
  • Complete Visa Guidance
  • Pre-departure Briefings
  • Accommodation Guidance and Arrangements

Also, Admissiongyan Consultancy guidance on documents preparation such as:

  • Recommendation Letters
  • Statement of Purpose / Motivation Letter (Program Specific)
  • Academic Resume (Country specific)
  • Academic Project Abstract / Bachelor Degree thesis

Personalized Services in Study Abroad Programs:

overseas student health cover

  • Health Insurance for Abroad Studies:

    Many students ask that why do they need health insurance when they are young and healthy enough. But to study in abroad, you should be able to focus on your studies. When you are in a foreign country, you have to face a huge medical expense. health insurance will help you in case of emergency and to pay big medical bills, and keeping this in mind we help you to get best health insurance plan which is very affordable for you and also you can complete your overseas education without any health complications.
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  • Foreign Studies Duration & Fees:

    The MS course duration in University of Applied Sciences is 18 months to 24 months. In the technical Universities and other private universities, the course duration of the Masters, as well as MBA program, is for 24 months. Tuition fees for MBA are ranging from € 4,000 to € 30,000. Don’t confuse the tuition fees with the semester contribution. Every university in abroad requires students to pay a semester contribution regardless of whether it charges tuition fees or not. Again, each university may decide on the amount, which is around €100 to € 400 per semester.
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  • Foreign Accommodation for Higher Studies:

    In abroad transport is very comfortable, fast and efficient. For the ones who want to enjoy their weekend and wish to explore the country, there is the Bahn-card purchased annually that offers discounts ranging from 25%,50%, and 100%, basically free ticket. Shopping for groceries and essentials monthly won’t escalate a sum of 100 EUR and if you are sharing it with the roommate even less. Cooking in is healthier, make’s a perfect hobby and saves tons of money. The cost of living in abroad generally differs according to the city you are in, while Leipzig can be bizarrely cheap and affordable.
international student visa requirements
  • Visa Procedure for Study Abroad:

    International students from a country within the European Union or Australia, Japan, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, Honduras, Monaco and San Marino do not need a visa to apply to study in Germany. However, if you are from a country not included in the above you will need to apply for one of the following visas. Make sure that you apply for the right visa; a tourist visa can for example not be converted into a student visa. Language course visa is valid only for the duration of the course. 3-months study applicant’s visa is valid for those who have not yet been admitted to a university and valid for exchange students. Upon admission, it must be converted into a resident permit for student purposes at the office for foreigners’ affairs as quickly as possible. Visa for study purposes: valid for one year. The student must provide proof of admission and financial support for the duration of the study to receive this visa.
overseas education loans
  • Bank Loan Assistance for Higher Education:

    Admissiongyan follows a list of state and private banks offering bank loans at reasonable rates. We assist our students with the entire procedure, starting from application to the required documentation, eligibility criteria and the selection of the bank.
overseas education scholarship opportunities
  • Overseas Studies Scholarship:

Hesitating to study abroad due to money constraint?

It’s time to relax. As the universities offer scholarships to the international students based on their profile.

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