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9 Things to know before moving to Sweden as a Student

12 Jun/2017

What should I know before moving to Sweden as a student? Today lot of students after completing their Graduation degree have a very big dream of doing Masters in Sweden or completing their Master’s Degree from a top recognized college from abroad. In this scenario, it is very important for the students, apart from searching


Job Opportunities for Electronic Graduates in Sweden

20 Dec/2014

An Electronic Engineering degree appears to lead in some fairly obvious directions to the electronic industry and outside it. Careers for electronic graduates can be found in a whole host of industries, from automotive to utilities. Electronic engineering graduates are typically accepted into the following industries; Aerospace Industry Automotive Industry Construction Industry Defence Industry Electronics


Electronic and Communication Engineering in Sweden

1 Oct/2014

It is rightly said that today’s ideas shape tomorrow’s world. So Sweden has always been fertile ground for in ovations in technology, business and social trends from the pacemaker to the computer mouse, from Ikea to Skype. So for your bright future, say hello to Sweden. Sweden has been ranked as the best in Europe

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