Best European countries to study after getting funded:


Government funding for students studying in abroad

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The Government will help students to study abroad!

Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education administers only those scholarships/fellowships which are being offered by the foreign countries under Cultural Exchange Programs and other Programs. The subject fields are generally chosen for those subject fields, facilities for which are available in the donor country and also keeping in view the national needs.

The scholarships/fellowships are awarded on merit. The selection is made through a Selection Committee comprising of subject experts. Most of the scholarships are for Master’s and Doctoral studies. The decision of the Selection Committee on selection of candidates is final. However, decision regarding award of scholarships rests finally with the donor countries. Applications of candidates who are residing abroad, are not considered. Candidates who have been abroad for study/specialization/training either on scholarship or on their own for a period exceeding six months are eligible to apply only if they have been in India for at least two years after their return from abroad on a specified date.

Candidates should have adequate knowledge about India and the country for which application for scholarship is being submitted.

Best European country to study abroad:

According to a newly released student satisfaction survey from online platform, Scandinavian countries are the best places to study in Europe. The study is based on more than 16,000 comments made by almost 7,000 students during the 2014/15 academic year, sees Finland take the top spot among the best places to study in Europe, in the Student Satisfaction Awards 2015.

With an average student satisfaction score of 9.2 (out of 10), Finland is closely followed by fellow Nordic nations Sweden and Denmark, which both emerge with ratings of 9.1. Next in the list are all with an average student satisfaction rating of 9 out of 10 like Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Norway and the UK.

Yes, you read it correctly. Germany is unarguably one of the best and the top country to get your Masters or Doctoral degree. Some of the German cities like Munich, Koln, Berlin, and Frankfurt have the very record of high and quality standard education system. But the very important factor which drives a lot of international students is because German private colleges offer Zero Tuition Fees for foreign students. For more query contact Admissiongyan, an overseas education consultancy in Bangalore.

Finland is a Scandinavian country in Europe which is perfect to accomplish your higher degree. The good thing is that apart from Finland prestigious universities and colleges, also students can enjoy its geographical beauty and beautiful culture. For more info contact oversea education consultant – Admissiongyan.


Study Masters in Sweden and you will simply love the renowned universities with a wide variety of culture and society to cherish for. Some Swedish universities also have the facility of Zero Tuition Fees for international students along with great job internship program. For any issue or problem regarding study Masters in Sweden contact study abroad consultancy – Admissiongyan.

  •  Study Masters in Denmark:

Denmark is yet another Scandinavian country which is favorite among the international students to pursue their Master’s degree. Apart from enjoying the rich vibrant cultural experience here, Denmark also provides Zero Tuition Fees for foreign students. Contact Admissiongyan an overseas education consultancy for more details.

  • Study Masters in Austria:

Austria is considered to be one of the safest countries to live in. Salzburg and Vienna are some of the good cities to live in and study Masters. Also, Austria can be described as the cocktail of Germany, Hungary, and Italy with extraordinary cuisine to dine for. Even Austria provides Zero Tuition Fees for students willing to study in Austria. Contact Admissiongyan for any query regarding study Masters in Austria.

  • Study Masters in Poland:

Poland has a good record for some oldest universities in Europe which proves current Poland’s literacy rate crossing over 1.5 million. Also, Poland can be a great destination for the low affordable cost of living students. Poland’s provide excellence in all the courses ranging from engineering to IT. For more details regarding study Master’s in Austria contact overseas education consultant – Admissiongyan.

Netherlands is the dream location for a lot of international students to continue their Master’s degree because of its excellent colleges and universities which deliver high-class education in English language and also some institutes offer Zero Tuition Fees for foreign students. But the only negative aspect is the cost of living as it is bit expensive. For more info for studying Masters in Netherlands contact Admissiongyan – an overseas education consultancy.

Ireland is an ideal destination for students preferring to study Masters in Information Technology, Business or Advance Life Science courses. Ireland provides Zero Tuition Fees for undergraduate students. Also, students will not face the language problem because all the courses are available in the English language. For more inquiry contact overseas education consultancy – Admissiongyan.

Norway is a European country which offers the Bologna Process of European Higher Education especially for pursuing your Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees. With more than 70 colleges (including private and public) and 200 Master’s degree where all the courses are taught in English subject. But overall studying Masters in Norway can be beneficial for any global student. For more detail regarding study Masters in Norway refer overseas education consultant – Admissiongyan.

  • Study Masters in Belgium:

Belgium is yet another European country offering Master’s and Doctoral degrees ranging from medical, engineering, science and business related discipline. Belgium is also recognized for its multi-culture and warm-hearted residents having a hearted attitude for international students. For more query contact overseas education consultant – Admissiongyan.

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