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We provide expert guidance to all students about overseas study opportunities for top 6 European Nations such as Germany, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Ireland and Italy.

We have been providing expert application and student visa guidance for Masters and MBA programs to hundreds of students every year since 2012 in Bangalore, India. Hence we have 4000 plus students to our credit, who have been successfully enrolled in the top European universities.

Valued by students and Parents, we have been the forefront for providing efficient information to the prospective students. We have commendable years of experience working with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our team is well trained, informative and updated with day to day affairs about study abroad.

Admissiongyan is a mentor for all students aspiring to study abroad in countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, UK & Finland offering high quality education along with unique learning environment.

Admissiongyan Education Consultancy

Our Vision

To evolve as an expert guide in International education. We are one of the best and trusted overseas education consulting firms in Bangalore for Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Ireland, Finland, UK and Italy in assisting students and working professionals to build their international careers by screening their profile and giving the right counseling on education options abroad.

Our Mission

Is to provide reliable, professional guidance and educational information to students in order to empower them to build their international career. Since 2012, we provide high quality trustworthy service to the students to reach the best possible academic heights in the top international universities. Relieving uncertainties and confusion regarding the career options. Hassle-free admission process to the universities of student’s choice.

Our Values

Expert Guidance for SCHENGEN VISA

Schengen VISA Info
Travelling on a Schengen Visa means that all the International Students can travel to any (or all) member countries using one single visa, thus avoiding the hassle and expense of obtaining individual visas for each country. The Schengen Visa for International Students in Europe has made travelling between its 26 member countries (22 European Union States and 4 Non-European Members) much easier and less bureaucratic. It is issued to citizens of Non-EU Countries who are required to obtain a visa before entering Europe. The purpose of the visit must be education, leisure, tourism, or business. Upon the issuance of the visa, the visa holder is allowed to enter all member countries and travel freely throughout the Schengen area. It is strongly recommended to plan your journey within the time-frame of the Schengen visa as extension scan be very difficult to obtain, thus forcing you to leave to stay in compliance with the Schengen rules and regulations. A Schengen visa allows the holder to travel freely within the Schengen countries for a maximum stay up to 90 days in a 6 month period.