German Universities for MS in Mechanical Engineering in English

German Universities for MS in Mechanical Engineering in English

Looking for German Universities for MS in Mechanical Engineering in English?

Do not worry, we have got good news for you!

There are some colleges out there that want to attract more foreign students and provide world-class education in technical courses.

They teach MS in Mechanical Engineering in English!

We have listed those Universities below,

RWTH Aachen University

The RWTH Aachen University is a historic public research university founded in 1870 in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia.

The QS World University rankings for 2021 put RWTH Aachen on the list of #145 among universities worldwide, and number 7 among German universities.
There are no student dorms at RWTH, so no housing facilities are provided or guaranteed.
It only has three guesthouses, so reservations are needed months in advance.
Program requirements differ based on whether they are open or restricted as well as the medium (English or German) in which they are offered.

Courses Offered:
❖ Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering
❖ Management and Engineering in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering
❖ Management and Engineering in Design Concepts and Structural Engineering of Industrial Facilities
❖ Management and Engineering in Production Systems

Chemnitz University of Technology

Established in 1836 as Royal Mercantile College the Chemnitz University of Technology Germany came into its current existence in 1963.
More than 85 undergraduate and graduate programs are available at this public university.
Located in the centre of Saxony, the University’s campus has academic and administrative buildings, athletic fields, a library, a press office, a concert hall, and a seminar building, among other facilities.
The University offers residence halls close to the campus. Rental costs include electricity, heat, waste removal, cleaning, caretaker fees, and maintenance costs, and the rent is reasonable.
In addition to newsletters, the University keeps in touch with alumni via social media platforms.
There are no job placement services offered by the University or campus placement activities.

Courses Offered:
❖ Advanced Manufacturing
● Areas of Focus – Hybrid Technologies, Printed Functionalities, Work Design and Sustainability Management, Production Systems

❖ Automotive Software Engineering
● Areas of Focus – Automotive Software Technology, Embedded Systems, Real-time and Communication Systems, Computer Science.

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Frederick the Great founded the university in Bayreuth in 1742. Erlangen became the new home of the university in 1743. Nuremberg’s School of Education became a part of this university in 1972. As a result, Erlangen-Nuremberg University was established.

Among Germany’s top 10 comprehensive research universities, Erlangen-Nuremberg university is also a popular choice for many foreign students with an interest in studying in Germany.

In Bavaria, it has the largest library. A large collection of 5,00,000 books is housed in the University’s state-of-the-art library.

In addition to working closely with the student union, FAU can help students locate a place to live.

A job portal at the University provides employers and students with a platform to connect.

Courses Offered:
❖ Computational Engineering
● Admission requirements – Bachelor of a university or diploma or Master of a university of applied sciences

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

It is a public research university located in Karlsruhe, Germany, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology was founded in 1825.

The university is among the eleven “Universities of Excellence” in Germany.

Number 131 in QS World University Rankings for 2021.
At Karlsruhe, students have a variety of housing options, with dormitories and shared flats being the most popular.
Students are allowed to work for 120 full days or 240 half days.
The alumni network has more than 22,000 members worldwide.
Courses Offered:
❖ Management of Product Development

● Areas of Focus – Integrated product development, Agile methods & scrum in product development, Efficiency improvement & target costing in PD, Simulation methods, PLM, PDM, ERP, CRM & SCM systems, Computer science & lifecycle management for engineers, Virtual Engineering, Lightweight Design, Industry 4.0: Strategic product portfolio & services

Technical University of Berlin

The Technical University of Berlin belongs to TU9, an alliance of nine german technological institutions.

Engineering programs at the university are widely recognized for their excellence in the field of mechanical engineering.

QS World Rankings 2021 rank #148.
Students can prepare for careers at top companies with the university’s Career Service.
Students with a science background who have experience in technical fields have a higher chance of getting selected.

Courses Offered:
❖ Global Production Engineering
● Admission Mode – selection by the HEI

Leibniz University of Hannover

The Leibniz University of Hannover was founded in 1831 and is a public university in Hannover, Germany.

According to QS World University Rankings, Leibniz University is ranked between 651-700 between 2020-21.
A total of 18 student residences are offered by Studentenwerk Hannover.
Career advice is available through the university’s career service to students.
Every semester, the ZQS offers individual consultations and workshops to help international students prepare for the job market in Germany.

Courses Offered:
❖ International Mechatronics

● Admission requirements – Bachelors or equivalent degree in Mechatronics.
● Admission Mode – selection by the HEI

Although the German language is necessary because it helps you get a good job in a good company because almost every company use German as their primary language.

But if you are planning to do MS in Germany in Mechanical Engineering and work somewhere else out of Germany then these colleges are the best options to gain a Degree Certificate along with quality education.

If you are clear with your plan and looking for MS in Germany Consultants then get the help of our professional experts to make your process easy to get admission to one of the top universities in Germany.

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