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German student visa values a lot for Indian candidates planning for higher education in Germany. Germany being one of the top study destinations in Europe is one of the most affordable countries for studying abroad. The country attracts students from around the world. Germany's excellent education, diversity of course offerings, and a strong focus on research opportunities are among the reasons it is so attractive to international students. 

How soon should you apply for your German student visa?

Study in Germany aspirants looking for higher studies in Germany should apply for a student visa promptly. The application deadline for the visa is extended to six months before the date of your trip from February 2020. Finding out how long it will take to acquire a German student visa in 2021 will be helpful if you are thinking of studying in Germany in the future. An application for a student visa generally takes 6 to 12 weeks to process. Be sure to apply about 4 months prior to the start of your course in Germany. We have tried to encapsulate it all here, listing the different types of student visas and their processing times.

Germany accepts the following student visas:

  • A German student visa is also known as Visum Zu Studienzwecken, it is normally granted to international students who are admitted to German universities and who wish to join a full-time degree program. It takes between 6 and 12 weeks to process a student visa application.
  • The German student applicant visa is also known as Visum Zur Studienbewerbung is required if the applicant is required to stay in Germany while applying for university admission. These visas are valid exclusively for university admission applications.
  • Now lastly, for attending a German language course in Germany, you need a German language course visa. It is issued to foreigners for the purpose of completing an in-depth language course that is between 3 to 12 months in duration. It is applied for learning the German language while living in Germany.
A German-language program must include a minimum of 18 hours of language instruction per week to qualify as in-depth. The length of a language course visa may be extended up to a maximum of 1 year under certain circumstances, provided, however, that the intent is not to take up any further education in Germany. To know more regarding German language details, refer here - https://www.admissiongyan.com/detail-guide-on-ielts-and-toefl-exams/ A Germany Visa can be obtained in a variety of ways depending on which Schengen country you are visiting. Germany is however very demanding on this issue, so it is advisable to fulfill each request carefully down to the last detail.  Most German embassies in each country will have a list of the Germany Visa requirements for each type of visa.  Check out the list of German Embassies in India - https://www.admissiongyan.com/german-student-visa-guide/

Germany Visa Applications require the following documents:

Application form - must be completely filled out with truthful and accurate information that matches all other documents required.  Passport – fill out a passport application according to German embassy requirements, including staying in the country for at least three months beyond where you plan to travel. Two Passport size Photos – It should be taken within the past three months, and conform to the embassy's other photo standards. Health Insurance – a certificate stating you have health insurance covering illnesses, accidents, and repatriation in case of death, including the whole Schengen Area with a minimum coverage of €30.000. Proof of Financial Means - This is a document that demonstrates your financial capability to support yourself while in Germany. You can show your current bank statement that you have enough funds to spend at least 45€ per day in Germany.  Payslips from the past three months/employment contract if employed A certificate of proprietorship or other proof of ownership (proof of land title, sales form, etc.) is required if self-employed. The Income Tax Return (ITR) or Form 16 (Certificate of Income Tax deducted at Source) is the tax return form. In the absence of proof of owner financing, the applicant may submit a formal declaration of a third party willing to support their stay in Germany in addition to proof of financial means. Detailed itinerary – consisting of your return flight/travel reservations, or other documents that show your intention to travel, as well as the activities you plan to undertake in Germany during the period of your stay. As required by your home country's Embassy or Consulate, there may also be additional German visa requirements specific to your visa type and country of residence and nationality.

The German Visa Application Process:

In order to obtain a Schengen visa, you must contact the designated embassy, in this case, the German Embassy in your home country. From submitting documents to receiving an answer, here are the steps involved in the German visa application.
  • Consult the embassy for a list of the required documents for your visa type.
  • Make sure your application form is filled out correctly and the required documents are obtained.
  • Schedule a time to meet at the German embassy in your country of residence. Ideally, you should schedule your appointment six months before your trip.
  • During the interview, the consular officer will need to see the receipt of the visa fee you paid.
  • Prepare all required documents in the right order and show up for your interview at the embassy on time. Consular officers typically meet with clients for about 10 minutes, during which time they review the documents they have received and ask a few questions regarding your background and purposes for traveling.

Can a German student visa give you German PR?

When you successfully complete your graduate studies in Germany as well as have worked in Germany for two years, you will be able to apply for a German settlement permit. It's important to remember that you will need to meet the requirements of the higher education institution in Germany for employment in the country. You must hold either an EU Blue Card or a residence permit for work or be self-employed by the time you graduate.


Traveling to Germany has never been so easy and stress-free, no matter what your purpose is. We have attempted to cover diligently most of the possible topics regarding German Student Visas in an attempt to be as helpful as possible. For more guidance & expert advice on German Student Visa, feel free to book a “FREE APPOINTMENT” with our experienced counseling team.  Enquire now to Study Masters in Germany (2022 – 24) Registration & Admission Process: https://www.admissiongyan.com/contact-us/

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