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German language on Duolingo
Debendra Jena
Why to Learn German Language on Duolingo Before Studying MS in Germany

Learn German Language on Duolingo Before you Study Masters in Germany


Duolingo is a ready reckoner and world’s best way to learn any language. It makes language learning fun, easy and effective. It has been devised both in form of a website and a smartphone friendly app. Apart from some premium services both the app and the website versions are accessible without any charge.

It’s a great way for all students to get their hands on the German language if they are contemplating to study in Germany. It gives a basic to intermediate level of understanding of the language which is key to taking up MS in Germany. International students can get a lot of practice through their online test and it helps them kickstart their journey into the world of the German language before they enroll for a Masters in Germany.

German can be made fun and effective via Duolingo which is one of the world’s most popular language learning platform. Amongst all education apps it is one of the most downloaded educational apps in the world. This very competent app has over 3000 million users. It was conceived to resemble a game and is scientifically established as being extremely efficient and result worthy.

There is a huge choice of programs at the Masters level in Germany. Many courses are even taught in English. Masters in Germany come at a fairly affordable cost, with competent curriculums, great weightage on students’ hands-on experience with promising future prospects. MS in Germany characterizes some of these features. Study in Germany leads to myriad and vast opportunities for international students with countless possibilities for their future.

An advantage in form of the language is good headstart for any international student before they enroll into a course of their choice in Germany. Even if the degree course doesn’t need the language prerequisite its always useful to know the local language. Knowing the basics of the language through Duolingo will make it easy to wade one’s way around. International students can then practice their German knowledge with the locals and further polish it up with time and this would help them in their Masters program at the university. Some other options to learn the language is through registering into university programs, private language courses etc.

Essentially a Masters in Germany can fit the bill better if students know the native language and every aspect of your life in a foreign land would seem easier if one has a functional German language skill. Right through your study abroad period up until the time one would want to stay on in the country to look for work, a language advantage cannot be denied. It would give each and everyone an edge in the job market. For a predominantly English-speaking population the German language comes relatively easy.

Going ahead with the Duolingo is a great start which would help bolster study abroad plans for international students. A great career path that begins with a language advantage which fosters a bright future for all.

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