Study Master's in Data Science in Germany
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Things to Know About Master’s in Data Science Program from Germany

MS in Data Science from Germany: 

Data science is one of the most rapidly growing educational domains in recent years. Due to a widespread increase in data science-related technologies, many global universities are offering master’s programs in this domain.

The Top Universities to Study Master’s in Data Science in Germany

Germany is one of the top countries offering popular masters in data science course. So let us understand the top universities offering the course and all other vital information related to it.Here is a list of top five universities offering MS in Data Science program along with the course information.
  • Technical University Of Munich
They offer Data Engineering and Analytics, and Mathematics in Data Science programs.
  • University Of Magdeburg
They offer Data and Knowledge Engineering as their masters in data science programs.
  • University of Mannheim
They offer the Mannheim Master in Data Science program.
  • Technical University Of Dortmund
They offer various core and elective modules that students can opt for based on their interests.
  • Leuphana University of Luneburg
They offer the Management & Data Science study program as part of their master's program.What Are The Job Prospects After Finishing Masters In Data Science In Germany?MS in Data Science will give you a world of opportunities and you can choose one of the career paths listed below.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst (~70,000 USD/year)
You can work for financial, consulting and reporting, or tech companies.
  • Statistician (~75,000 USD/year)
You can work for local authorities, government agencies, research institutes, consulting and reporting companies, or market research companies.
  • Big Data Engineer (~115,000 USD/year)
You can work for entertainment, tech, trade, or retail companies.
  • Data Analyst (~60,000 USD/year)
You can work for finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, construction and utility, or other large businesses.
  • Data Architect   (~116,000 USD/year)
You can work for educational institutions, public or private organisations, or healthcare facilities.
  • Database Administrator (~75,000 USD/year)
You can work for social media agencies, financial & medical institutions, law firms, or research institutes.
  • Machine Learning Engineer (~115,000 USD/year)
You can work at many large MNCs like Apple, Amazon, Accenture, Facebook, or Microsoft.What Is Total Cost To Pursue Masters In Data Science In Germany?While the exact cost for pursuing a master’s in Germany will depend on the university and course you opt for, here are a few things you must keep in mind. Germany is one of the cheapest countries to pursue higher education. Many universities in Germany offer courses with zero tuition fees. This makes German universities extremely competitive. Also, the cost of living in Germany is very affordable. You can even opt for student loans that can also be used to cover your basic expenditures.How To Get Scholarship To Study Masters In Data Science In Germany?Germany has a great reputation for being an education-friendly country. The country has many tuition fees-free public universities, and your admission is largely dependent on your academic achievements. This negates the requirements for any scholarships for education in the country. If you wish to consider a scholarship to cover your living expenses in the country, you can look for options in your home country, India. You must have at least 8000 Euros a year, which is the minimum expenses cost that you must have. You can avail of a scholarship from your home country to cover this cost. Final ThoughtsPursuing MS in Data Science from Germany can be a lifetime opportunity that you should never miss out on. The tuition fees-free programs make the country an attractive destination for students who wish to study in Germany at affordable costs. It will just be the right opportunity for anyone who wants to learn advanced data analysis skills. A master's in data science program in Germany will also help you land your dream job anywhere around the world. 

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