Akshay Deshmukh

My experience with Admissiongyan was wonderful. Right from the first day, the day I came with zero knowledge about the overseas education till the day with a well-equipped knowledge I gained through this consultancy. I personally felt the consultancy is one of the best consultancies. I ever came across prior to AdmissionGyan. I consulted few more, but now were as information as this. Right from choosing the consultancies according to my abilities, choosing the appropriate course structure while suited me the best. And also helping me out with the knowledge of traditional way of leading a lifestyle in Germany, I thank Admissiongyan for all the step by step guidance. Conducting get-together on weekends for guidance for the students, more of the other consultancy provides this.

Debendra Jena, a B.Tech Graduate with specialization in Education Counselling for Abroad Destination.

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