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Amal Das A S

A great Thank you to everyone at Admissiongyan for guiding me through the application process towards my higher studies in Germany. Admissiongyan took care of my profile with great care and poise. Once I made it clear what I was looking for, a variety of options were given to me out of which I chose what I thought were the best with their assistance. I now complete one year at the University of Furtwangen, Schwarzwald with my Master studies in Business Consulting & Management. The team at Admissiongyan lent me their wholehearted assistance with even the most trivial and minute details. Kudos to the team! For anyone looking for higher studies abroad, especially in Germany, I guarantee Admissiongyan is the best choice for you!

Debendra Jena

Debendra Jena, a B.Tech Graduate with specialization in Education Counselling for Abroad Destination.

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