Education system in Germany is good, advanced and bit tough. Math’s and programming software’s is advanced when compared to Indian engineering modules. My course (Computational mechanics) is tough because of advanced programming software’s used & new mathematical subjects like tensor calculus, continuum mechanics (which are not in UG), Anyway manageable according to my view. German language is very must to get both part and fulltime. If a person is good in speaking German, he can get part time easily. So at least b1 & speaking in German helps to survive in Germany. Full time job is completely based on your profile & grade in masters, interns, thesis work exp. Part time jobs are available in Essen & Duisburg. Getting part time is depends upon individuals. Duisburg Essen University is good. Production & logistics is one of the good courses in this university. Our university ranked best university in Germany for ‘prod & logis’…all other course like general mechanical, Mechatronics have few modules in German. I’m staying in private apartment in Essen. Student Wohnung cost around 250-280 euro. Living in outside is little cheaper when compared to student wohnung. Living expense in Essen & Duisburg city cost approx 400-500 euro per month (including AOK insurance (78/month, Sim contract (20/month). Your guidance helped me really a lot in selecting good universities, visa guidance, transferring funds to blocked accounts at cheaper exchange rate and also getting return money from SRH Heidelberg University during exchange of university.

Debendra Jena, a B.Tech Graduate with specialization in Education Counselling for Abroad Destination.

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