Supraja P

Being a biotech engineer, I am required to pursue my higher studies for better research and job opportunities. I tried applying to universities in Germany myself and failed to get a fair chance. I heard a lot from my friends, seniors and a couple of my neighbours who were already in Germany studying about AdmissionGyan. I’m very happy I listened to their word and enrolled in here. Every step they helped me with the procedures for each university and clearly guided me about the top Universities I was eligible for. They are not linked with the Universities in deciding the admit process but they provided me a picture as to what the university expects from the candidate. This enabled me to write a very strong SOP and resume. Also, handling of my documents and ensuring that they reach the university was taken care of which was very useful to me as I’m very lazy! 😉
I’m happy I got into some of the top Universities and that too for pure science subjects where the admission for foreign students is very bleak. And am very thankful to Admissiongyan for making the process smooth. Hoping for sustained association with the team. Very nice staff who are always there for you and at your service every time you are at cross roads. 🙂

Debendra Jena, a B.Tech Graduate with specialization in Education Counselling for Abroad Destination.

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