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Top 3 Countries for Studying MS in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Inflated Demand of Masters in Electronics & Communication Engineering

The use of solar energy in other sectors such as airports, trade markets, and infrastructure requires electrical engineers with a Masters in Electronics and Communication Engineering from reputable companies to facilitate their goals. Telecommunications has broadened the range, allowing electronics engineers to study anything from rockets in space to the Internet. Likewise, Electrical Engineering has a broad scope. Many automobile companies plan to replace gasoline-powered cars with electric engines. This would be a sustainable move towards the future. So, students looking for a promising career should consider a Master of Science in Electronics and Telecommunication, as it has direct links to Economics and Business.

Top Countries & Universities to Study MS in ECE:

Electronic Engineering is also known as MS in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a two-year MS program that imparts knowledge and skills to reach your goal. It is composed of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Therefore, we have compiled a list of Top 3 Countries for MS in Electronics & Communication Engineering & their respective Top 5 Universities in order to help you choose wisely as per your convenience.

Top 3 Countries for Masters In ECE:

1. The USA:

It is renowned for having exemplary higher education programs. Further, American university campuses are like hamlets, where students socialize, get along with each other, and do fun activities like yoga. America has always welcomed a multicultural environment, so although you might experience some culture shock at first, you'll soon adjust to any American city or town. Self-reliance is a lesson you learn from independent people. International student services offering guidance and support to international students.  As graduate students, international students can hold research and training positions, gain internships with businesses off campus, and work on campus. For graduates of electrical and electronics engineering, the United States is also the second-highest paying country.

Top 5 Universities of The USA for Masters in ECE:

  • University of Texas, Austin
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Princeton University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

2. Canada:

Canada's quality of education is well known. This country's degrees, certificates, and diplomas are equivalent to those offered by the United States and other countries. In Canada, living standards are cheaper than in the United States or in the UK. Its low college fees and tuition attract many students to immigrate there. International students also have the advantage of being able to apply for scholarships that make financial worries less of a burden. For those who wish to continue working after they have completed their studies, a post-study work permit is required. The duration of the course may extend your stay in Canada by 3 years. The advancement of technology in Canada ensures job security in numerous multinational companies. Furthermore, Canada has the lowest crime rate with rare instances of racial discrimination. It also has a highly diverse culture. People of all different nationalities, races, and religions live together in peace and harmony. This is why Canada is a great place for higher education.

Top 5 Universities of Canada for Masters in ECE:

  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Waterloo
  • Concordia University

3.  Germany:

It is a multi-ethnic developing country with a rich education system and the government spends a lot of money on education. The educational system is highly advanced, and they give students the opportunity to fully explore their abilities. Numerous universities now offer English-taught master's programs. Tuition fees at German public universities are often free or very low for international students! Germany's universities charge only administrative fees, which cover student service fees, taxi fares to and from the university, or student cafeterias. Furthermore, it has the lowest cost of living in Europe in comparison with many other countries. This helps students reduce their expenses and make life less stressful. Hence, this makes Germany best for MS in ECE.

Top 5 Universities of Germany for Masters in ECE:

  • The Technical University of Munich
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • University of Stuttgart
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Check the complete list of German Universities for MS in ECE here.

Eligibility Criteria for Masters In Electronics & Communication Engineering Abroad:

Following are some of the basic requirements or eligibility for MS in Electronics and Communication abroad. University requirements may differ slightly.
  • The candidates must have passed their 10+2 level examinations with at least 50%.
  • Graduate degree with at least 55% in B.E./B.Tech.
  • GATE or any other test that is accepted by the university or college.
  • GRE: 315+ , TOEFL:84+, CGPA: 3.2+ , Backlogs: Upto 3.
  • An official application for a master's degree in Germany begins with a point evaluation of the submitted documents. According to your scores, you will either be accepted or rejected directly or invited to an interview. Written tests may replace interviews in some cases.
  • The applicant must also have experience in internships, research, projects, and work.

Documents Required to Study MS in Electronics Engineering for Indian Students:

Below are the required documents for Indian students planning for admission in MS in Electronics Engineering from Germany:
  • Application Form
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Test Scores (Like GRE and DET, TOEFL, or IELTS)
  • Essays


A good package and a wide range of job opportunities are available for electronics engineers all over the world. If you would like to earn the Master's degree you've always dreamed of in Electronics Engineering, then feel free to book a “FREE APPOINTMENT” with Admissiongyan to know the complete details regarding study MS in Electronics Engineering from Germany.

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How to Choose Right University Among the Top Universities in the World in 2020?

Top Universities in the World for Overseas Education

Although it is very difficult to choose the right university among the Top Universities in the World, you may find that there are few major differences between universities that may help you when you are taking the big decision.

A most important thing is to determine what kind of nature and focus the university has and make sure that will coordinate with your own personality, interests, and goals. The overall atmosphere & culture of the college plays a big role in the future for your success in doing your Masters. If we figure out what is very important, which will help you to choose the best college where you have to make yourself to precise the field which you have to go, and as you are a student who will have big dreams to achieve, but you may be confused by many ways, and we as an Overseas Education Consultants we make sure that you will be placed in Top Universities in the world and college which will reach your expectation and help you to make your dreams come true.

Study Abroad Universities

Every University has its own specialty, and here we give you some tips to assure that you choose the best in Top Universities in the world that is the best fit for you.

The network of Best Universities in Abroad:

The only way to know about the university’s character is by seeing which networks it exists. This will tell you many things about the institution’s capability. One of the major networks abroad is the Group of Eight.

Best Universities in the World

Their university members are known for their intensive research focus and their broad range of offering masters. Other networks include The Technology Network of Universities, Regional Universities Network, and The Innovative Research Universities network. Also, see for international networks, and Admissiongyan gives many opportunities through these networks which will help you to get Study Abroad opportunities with privileged and Top Universities in the world Overseas.

Strengths of Top Universities in the world:

Remember that no university is good at everything and no university is good at nothing. Every university excels in special areas. So you should ensure that the field which you choose to study will be a strong-point of the university you choose and covers its high priority The University Ratings are the perfect place to start, and you have to research each university’s teaching and research strengths and weakness through their websites.

Choosing the Right Study Abroad University that covers your field of study will provide you with an approach to more specialized opportunities like field-specific academic opportunities to study overseas and a Job opportunity with prestigious companies in the best industry. I Suggest not waste your precious time, for all this, just take one step forward and come to Admissiongyan, it will do all the research work for all the universities and make sure you select the best university and study abroad program for you.

Top Universities in the world

Vocational Options in Abroad Top Universities in the world:

For students who are looking to secure a quick job opportunity right after Masters, the vocational course option is always been great. Or, if someone who is interested and wants to be a part of the Service Sector, this may be your cup of tea. A majority of Universities abroad offer vocational programs from broad to all the students from Admissiongyan so that you can get into a relevant job without any inconvenience.

You will even find the universities with TAFF departments that offer students the chance to choose the industry-focused VET qualifications and vice versa. If your main aim is to complete research and pursue a career according to your academics, then you will get lots of opportunities from the university’s research partnerships, academic links and research facilities will play an important role.

Campus & Community of Best Places & Universities to Study Abroad:

When you are planning to study abroad, in the best university in abroad, the benefits of an attractive campus shouldn’t be underrated. Here are some examples of Universities abroad that offer a great campus environment along with excellent academic facilities.

The university’s in abroad has one of the most beautiful and pleasant campuses in each country. One of the highlights of the campus is it looks like a palace with a huge and comfortable classroom, surrounded by the historical park and botanical gardens. The Lecture halls, institutes, canteen, Phi logical Library, and Glass library with many Collections with the best interior as well. The university passionately supports students who go abroad for their studies or research activities, both for shorter and longer periods of time.

Overseas Education Consultancy Bangalore

Admissiongyan an Overseas Education Consultancy Services for Foreign Studies:

• Selection of universities • Applying with discretion and assisting you through the complete procedure in a cost-effective manner • International English Language Training Guidance such as TOEFL/IELTS • German Language Training • Mock Interviews • Guidance on Education Loan • Travel & Foreign Exchange Arrangements • Complete Visa Guidance • Pre Departure Briefings • Accommodation Guidance and Arrangements

Also, Admissiongyan Consultancy Guide on Documents Preparation Such as:

• Recommendation Letters • Statement of Purpose / Motivation Letter (Program Specific) • Academic Resume (Country Specific) • Academic Project Abstract/Bachelor Degree thesis

Personalized Services:

• Health Insurance for Abroad Studies

• Foreign Studies Duration & Fees

• Foreign Accommodation for Higher Studies

• Visa Procedure

• Bank Loan Assistance for Higher Education

• Overseas Studies Scholarship

Masters in the Top Study Abroad Universities

The Procedure for applying to a master’s degree in abroad universities?

Here is the list of all the tasks that you need to take for starting your Masters abroad. The steps mentioned below are in the order of priority of all the Top Universities in the world abroad. University Application:

Get your passport: your first task is to get your Passport. This step is not optional. Your passport is like an opener which unlocks many doors along the way.

1. IELTS test (if necessary): Your English language proficiency should be proved first, that to base on your course requirements. You can do that by taking an English language test (IELTS/TOFEL). IELTS is a popular option and is widely accepted by abroad universities.

2. GRE (if necessary): Some German universities also list the GRE scorecard as an admission requirement (TUM, RWTH Aachen). In such a case, you need to take the GRE test. This test will measure your basic math skills.

3. Prepare your Curriculum Vitae (CV): CV is a mandatory document listed on every university course requirement page. It is very important that you create or update your CV based on university type.

4. Prepare your SOP: Statement of Purpose (SOP) is maybe one of the most important documents you send along with your application. It will take more time and effort but end with a satisfactory version of your SOP.

5. Get your LORs: Letter of recommendation is the (Positive) personal assessment given by supervisors, here Admissiongyan will help you to get your LOR’s positive.

6. Send your Applications: Now you have got all the required documents, it is time to start the application process. Most universities ask you to apply online but we as a study abroad consultant, we take care throughout the process.

7. Apply for education loan: Admissiongyan follows a list of state and private banks offering bank loans at reasonable rates. We assist our students with the eligibility criteria and the selection of the bank.

8. Take the travel insurance: Travel insurance covers you during your travel and initial few days in abroad. You will be asked to produce this document during your Visa Interview (Bangalore).

9. Apply for the Visa: International students from a country within the European Union or Australia, Japan, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, Honduras, Monaco, and San Marino do not need a visa to apply to study in aboard; this is the final step to achieve your goal. Also, since you have come so far through the exhausting application process.

10. Pack your bags and say goodbyes: Now it’s time to fly and let your parents take care of themselves! And fly to the destination which you like and top university and best college which reaches your expectations and make your dreams come true through Admissiongyan.

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Why study in Germany?

For the "low-to-no cost" of studying at German universities, in comparison to the high cost of higher education in other countries.

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Why study in Sweden?

Apply for Master Programs in Top Ranked Sweden Universities with or without IELTS/TOEFL. Swedish Universities are the gateway to top prestigious companies in the world.

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Why study in Netherlands?

Pursue your studies & find your career path in the worlds safest & happiest country for variety of reasons.

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Why study in France?

Get rental subsidies monthly from the French Government during your study.

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Why study in Ireland?

Avail 2 years Job Search Visa after the course even for 1 Year Masters Degree Program with reasonable tuition fees and low-living cost.

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Why study in UK?

Being a hub to most of the highly ranked universities in the world. Apply to one such university with the benefit of 2 years stay back with highly reputed and excellent academic exposure with true practical knowledge.

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