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Terms and Conditions

Last Updated on 02 May 2024

Terms and Conditions:


Welcome to the Terms and Conditions of Admissiongyan. These terms outline the mutual commitments, responsibilities, and expectations between you (the student), and us (your educational guide). Please read these terms carefully as they provide the framework for our collaboration. Your engagement with our services signifies your acceptance of these terms. We're dedicated to your success and are here to provide clarity on any aspect of these terms. Thank you for choosing Admissiongyan for your academic journey.


Services: Admissiongyan agrees to provide education consultancy services to the student, including but not limited to university selection, application assistance, document guidance, visa guidance, scholarship information, pre-departure briefing and financial planning.

Accuracy of Information: The student is responsible for providing accurate and truthful information on the enrolment form and during the entire process. Any false or misleading information may result in the change in the entire admission process with the consultancy including but not limited to assurance, university selection and the service fee.

Email Credentials: The student is required to generate a fresh set of Gmail login credential exclusively designated for Admissiongyan and subsequently disclose these login credentials to their mentor. These credentials will be utilized throughout the university application and visa application processes. Following successful admission, the student shall be entitled to the return of said login credentials.

Document Submission: The student agrees to submit all required documents in a timely manner as requested by Admissiongyan. Delays in document submission may affect the application process.

Service Fee: The service fees cover solely the services relevant to each individual package are outlined in the enrolment form.


Package details: The inclusions and exclusions are outlined in the enrolment form. It is essential for the student to have a clear understanding of these details.

Refund Policy: At Admissiongyan, we take pride in providing comprehensive consultancy services to our applicants. However, it's important to note that do not offer refunds for any of our consultancy services. Once we have shared the university list with the students or received their signed enrolment form, refunds will not be granted under any circumstances. We believe in transparency and want our applicants to understand that service fees are non-refundable. This policy applies without any exception. By signing the enrolment form provided by Admissiongyan, the student explicitly acknowledges and agrees to the no refund policy. We encourage our applicants to carefully review all terms and conditions before proceeding with our services. If there are any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy, we are always available to address them and provide clarification. Our priority is to ensure that each applicant receives the highest quality of service and support throughout their journey with us.

Managing Expectations Regarding University Rankings: As part of our commitment to providing transparent and effective consultancy services, it is important to manage students' expectations regarding university rankings. While we provide guidance and support throughout the application process, we encourage student to consider a comprehensive evaluation of universities.

Feedback Limit on University Shortlisting: Admissiongyan limits the number of feedback sessions for university shortlisting. The exact number of feedback sessions will be communicated to you during the consultancy process. Additional feedback sessions beyond the specified limit may not be available.

University Admission: Admissiongyan does not guarantee admission to any specific university. Admission decisions are solely at the discretion of the respective universities.

Assurance: Admissiongyan offers different service packages to cater to your unique needs and preferences. The level of assurance regarding university admission varies based on the selected package and the initial counselling provided to you. It is important to choose a package that aligns with your expectations and requirements. The assurance provided is contingent upon your adherence to the eligibility criteria and requirements specified by the selected universities. Please refer “Declaration” page, for a comprehensive understanding of the level of assurance offered.

Limitation on Preferred Locations and Courses: By engaging our consultancy services, you acknowledge and agree that we do not facilitate multiple preferences simultaneously, such as selecting both specific locations and course preferences. To ensure optimal guidance and successful application outcomes, we encourage you to focus on either location or course preference during the process. This limitation is in place to provide you with the most effective and streamlined assistance throughout your educational journey. However, based on availability and counselling, preference will be given to either specific locations or course preferences to ensure optimal guidance and successful application outcomes.

Selection of Desired Course / Specialisation: Admissiongyan emphasises the significance of establishing your desired course during counselling sessions. It is essential for us to guide you effectively through the consultancy process. Therefore, we insist that you select your desired course/specialisation during the counselling itself. The enrolment form is signed and proceeded further based on the course/specialisation selected during the counselling. Although the course or specialization may have different titles, they share the same course module. Therefore, students are urged to consider the module rather than the title when making their decision.

Visa Approval: Admissiongyan provides visa guidance but does not guarantee visa approval. The student is responsible for meeting the visa requirements of the respective country.

Deferment Limit: The terms and conditions regarding the deferment of admission are specified in the package details. Students are encouraged to refer to the package details to understand the eligibility criteria, limits, and procedures related to deferment. These conditions are subject to the policies and regulations of the respective universities and may vary based on the package selected. In case of exceeding the specified deferment limit, reapplication for admission may be necessary, as outlined in the package details. There will be a deferral fee charged by Admissiongyan.

Travel Arrangements: Admissiongyan can provide guidance and information related to travel arrangements; however, Admissiongyan does not directly arrange or facilitate travel bookings. Any travel arrangements made by the student are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective travel providers. Admissiongyan is not responsible for any issues or discrepancies that may arise from the student's travel arrangements. It is the student's responsibility to independently make and manage their travel plans.

Budget Estimation: While Admissiongyan provides guidance and support in planning your overall budget, unforeseen circumstances such as increased tuition fees or other expenses, subject to forex fluctuation, may lead to changes in your budgetary requirements. It is essential to remain flexible and prepared to adjust your budget accordingly and to account for the potential currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Post Admission Process: Students are responsible for managing all post admission process and communications related to enrolment. This includes but is not limited to submitting required documents, completing necessary forms, attending orientation sessions, and adhering to deadlines set by universities or relevant authorities.

Accommodation: Admissiongyan provides limited guidance and support regarding accommodation-related concerns. While we endeavour to offer advice and recommendations, the ultimate responsibility for securing suitable accommodation rests with the student. We may provide general information and assist in connecting you with resources, but decisions regarding accommodation selection, agreements, and arrangements are at your discretion.

Confidentiality: Admissiongyan will handle the student's personal and academic information with utmost confidentiality and will use it solely for the purpose of providing services.

Limitation of Liability: Admissiongyan shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, or liabilities arising from the student's decisions or actions related to education, travel, or any other matters including but not limited to external process timelines, visa processing, or any third-party services. This limitation of liability extends to any consequences stemming from external processes, timelines, or services beyond our direct control.

Unforeseen Events: In the event of unavoidable circumstances, such as pandemics, shutdowns, or other unforeseen situations that may impact visa slots availability or university admissions, students are expected to exhibit understanding and cooperation. During such challenging times, it is vital for students to work closely with Admissiongyan to explore alternative options, adjust expectations, and engage proactively in the visa application and university admission processes. This cooperation is crucial to ensure the best possible outcomes, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Amendments: Admissiongyan reserves the right to amend or modify the terms and conditions without prior notice. The most recent version of the terms and conditions will be available on


Admissiongyan provides consultancy services to assist students in their pursuit of foreign education. While we strive to provide accurate and current information, it is advisable for students to independently verify the information and seek guidance.

University Preferences: Please be aware that during the counselling process, students may initially express interest in both private and public universities. However, it is possible that their final preferences could shift as their choices solidify. It is essential to consider this potential change while making your selections.

University List: Once the university list has been finalized, it is imperative to note that Admissiongyan will not entertain any changes or modifications to the list. Admissiongyan holds a strict policy that prevents alterations to the university choices once they have been confirmed. Additionally, please be aware that the application process will not commence until all the designated university names have been submitted and verified. If the student finalises the list as per their preferences and aspirations without considering Admissiongyan’s recommendation or guidance, Admissiongyan will not be held accountable for any subsequent dissatisfaction arising from the finalized university choices.

University Requirements: It is important to note that while Admissiongyan provides guidance and support in navigating university requirements, we cannot be held accountable for any changes, notices, rejections, or lack of response from universities. We serve as a guiding resource to assist students in understanding and meeting the requirements set forth by universities. However, the decisions, notifications, and outcomes from universities are beyond our control. Admissiongyan operates as a guide and facilitator in the application process, and our role is advisory in nature. Students should be aware that any university-related notifications or determinations are the sole responsibility of the respective universities, and Admissiongyan cannot influence or guarantee outcomes. However, Admissiongyan will be providing guidance to the student in case of any assistance required.

Application Fees and Additional Costs: Application fees for universities, as well as costs related to APS (if applicable) and visa applications, are the direct responsibility of the student and are to be paid directly to the respective institutions or authorities. It is crucial for the student to be aware of these potential expenses and to conduct thorough financial planning. Admissiongyan advises students to ensure they are adequately prepared for these costs. Admissiongyan shall not be held accountable for any financial implications arising from application fees or related expenses incurred by the students.

Living Expenses and Tuition Fees: it is important to acknowledge that the estimated living expenses and tuition fees for the entire course duration can vary based on factors such as the chosen location for living expenses and the selected university for tuition fee. Admissiongyan provides information on these costs; however, doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of these estimates, and we are not responsible for any discrepancies that may arise between the estimated and actual cost. Prospective students are advised to rely on the information provided by Admissiongyan and exercise prudence and financial planning to ensure that they are adequately prepared for the financial obligations that come with pursuing higher education abroad.

Exclusions from Service Fees: Please be aware that the service fees outlined do not encompass the following components:

APS (Application, Documents Guidance Courier): The charges related to the application, documents guidance, and courier services are separate from the service fees and will be borne by the student.

University Application / Uni-Assist Fees: Any fees associated with university applications or the use of external institutions like uni-assist are not included in the service fees and should be anticipated as additional costs.

Attestations / Apostille / Translation: Expenses related to document attestations, apostille services, and translation costs are distinct from the application fees and are the responsibility of the student.

Embassy / VFS VISA Fees: Fees associated with embassy or VFS services for visa applications are not covered within the service fees and to be paid by the student directly to the institutions.


Correspondence: Admissiongyan assumes the responsibility of handling correspondence with the universities on behalf of the student up until the point of admission. We will facilitate communication and interactions with the universities during the initial stages of the application process. However, it is crucial to understand that as the enrolment process advances, students are expected to engage in direct communication with the universities for further steps of enrolment.

Status Update: Admissiongyan commits to providing updates on the application status (Admission/Rejection) promptly as soon as we receive the information from the respective universities. However, it is important to acknowledge that the timeframe for receiving these updates can vary and might be just a few days prior to the commencement of the program in certain universities. Students should anticipate potential delays in the receipt of admission or rejection notifications and recognize that these timelines are influenced by the universities' internal procedures and timelines. While Admissiongyan strives to provide timely updates, we cannot guarantee immediate communication of the application statuses. It is advisable for students to remain patient and understanding throughout this process.

Document Preparation: Admissiongyan is committed to providing guidance and assistance throughout the application processing and visa documentation stages. We will offer comprehensive support in understanding and guide the student in preparing the necessary documents for both the application process and the visa application. In cases involving international courier services, the student is required to furnish the necessary documents in notarized / embassy attested hard copy to Admissiongyan. It is important to note that while we will provide guidance, the responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, and submission of all required documents ultimately rests with the student. Admissiongyan shall not be held responsible for any consequences arising from incomplete or inaccurate documentation submitted by the student. Students are strongly advised to diligently follow our guidance, adhere to the instructions provided, and ensure the timely submission of all required documents. Successful application processing and visa documentation depend on the thorough and accurate submission of necessary paperwork by the student.

Documents related to Distance Learning: While we strive to provide comprehensive guidance on document preparation, we cannot guarantee the acceptance of documents related to distance learning for purposes such as APS (Application, Documents Guidance, Courier) or university admissions. Acceptance of such documents is subject to the policies and discretion of the respective institutions. By engaging our consultancy services, you acknowledge and understand that the acceptance of documents related to distance learning is beyond our control.

SOP - Awareness Note: Students are advised to be aware that rejections of Statement of Purpose (SOPs) are not uncommon in the application process. Universities employ rigorous evaluation criteria for SOPs, which are integral to assessing a student's suitability and alignment with the desired program. The competitive nature of admissions necessitates well-crafted and impactful SOPs. However, it is important to understand that rejection of an SOP does not necessarily reflect negatively on the student’s qualifications or potential. It is recommended to approach the SOP-writing process with dedication, authenticity, and a clear articulation of one's academic and personal journey. In case of rejections, students are encouraged to seek feedback and consider revising their SOPs for subsequent applications. Remember, perseverance and improvement are valuable attributes in the pursuit of academic goals. However, Admissiongyan will provide SOP writing services at an additional cost or based on the package chosen.

Scholarships: Admissiongyan provide guidance only for scholarships available on university websites and assistance with the application process within those universities. However, for external scholarship opportunities, we do not offer specific guidance regarding applications, requirements, or funding opportunities.

Timeline: Admissiongyan wishes to emphasize that while we make every effort to facilitate a smooth and timely process, we cannot provide a guarantee on specific timelines. Factors beyond our control, such as university procedures, processing times, APS, visa processing and external influences, may impact the expected timelines for various stages of the application and other process. Students are advised to remain patient and flexible throughout, understanding that certain aspects may extend beyond initial estimates. Admissiongyan will endeavour to keep students informed, but we cannot ensure an exact timeline due to the dynamic nature of the processes involved.

Visa Appointment Booking: While Admissiongyan provides guidance and support in the visa application process, securing a visa appointment slot is subject to the availability and procedures of the respective embassy or visa processing centres. Admissiongyan cannot control the availability of slots or influence the booking process. Students are advised to plan their visa application well in advance and to follow the procedures provided by the relevant authorities for securing a visa appointment. We recommend early preparation to enhance the chances of obtaining a suitable appointment slot for visa processing. It is important for students to be prepared for their visa appointments and make themselves available accordingly as per the guidance of Admissiongyan. While Admissiongyan is ready to assist with all required communication via email and phone, students should be prepared to handle any walk-in or in-person communications, as the ultimate responsibility for visa appointment bookings and communication lies with the student.

Changes in Embassy & VFS Rules: Admissiongyan is not responsible for any changes or updates in rules, regulations, or procedures implemented by embassies or Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) offices. These changes may affect visa applications, appointments, documentation requirements, or other processes related to your foreign education journey.

Affiliated Universities: Students who have enrolled with Admissiongyan Education Consultancy and are seeking admission to private universities affiliated with Admissiongyan are expressly required to submit their applications exclusively through Admissiongyan. Any alternative means of application, including but not limited to independent submissions or engagement with other consultancies, is strictly prohibited. In the event that an application is made through any avenue other than Admissiongyan, we reserve the right to withhold provision of additional services, such as visa support specific to the respective university, to the concerned student.

Technical Glitches: Admissiongyan cannot be held responsible for any technical glitches or issues that may arise during the application process, document submission, communication, or any other aspect of our consultancy services. While we strive to provide seamless and efficient support, technical challenges may occur that are beyond our control.

Contractual Agreements and University Terms: It is imperative to recognize that any contractual agreements entered into between the student and the university necessitate thorough review and understanding of the contract terms. Admissiongyan underscores that the onus is on the student to carefully read and comprehend the entirety of the contract terms prior to affixing their signature. It is paramount to be fully informed about the obligations and commitments outlined in the contract. Admissiongyan shall not be held accountable for any undisclosed clauses or terms within the university's contract. If any doubts or uncertainties arise concerning specific terms before signing or cancelling any contract, students are encouraged to either directly correspond with the university for clarification or to reach out to us for guidance. While we endeavour to offer assistance, the final decision to sign or cancel any contract rests with the student. It is crucial for students to take the necessary steps to ensure their full understanding of the contractual commitments they are entering into with the university.

Post Admission and Enrolment Process: Students are advised to promptly respond to any requests for information or documents from the universities and to actively engage in any communication required for their enrolment. While Admissiongyan will provide support, the subsequent communication and interactions with the universities should be managed by the students under the guidance of Admissiongyan. It is recommended for Students to remain diligent and responsive during this phase to ensure a seamless enrolment process.

Other Services: Admissiongyan offers additional services, including education loan assistance, IELTS registration and training, forex services. These services are exclusively available to students who are affiliated with Admissiongyan through our partnered service providers. It is important to note that while these services are facilitated through our partners, students retain complete autonomy in their subsequent decisions. Any quotations, charges, or services provided by the partnered service providers are the sole responsibility of these providers and the students themselves. Admissiongyan shall not be held liable for any matters pertaining to the services provided by the partnered service providers. Students are advised to carefully review the terms, conditions, and costs associated with the services offered by these providers and to exercise their discretion when engaging with them. Admissiongyan assumes no responsibility for any issues, discrepancies, or obligations arising from the services provided by these third-party partners.

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