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3 Best Reasons If Sweden is Good for Indian Students?

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Education in Sweden for Indian Students

As a student, if you are planning for your International education in Sweden, then there are certain things that you shouldn’t forget. Getting certified by top Swedish Universities remains a major goal completion for the majority of Indian aspirants. Here in this blog, you’ll know 3 important factors that are driving Indian students to pursue their overseas higher education from the best Swedish Universities.

Top 3 Reasons to Study in Sweden Universities:

1) Sweden Climatic Condition:

When it comes to the climatic condition of Sweden, don’t forget to pack up your hot suites because during winter the temperature dips down to 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the temperature throughout the year remains very cool and soothing and in summer the maximum temperature goes up to 30 degrees Celsius. 

Also, the recycling of waste materials is yet another beautiful thing done in Sweden. Almost maximum of things are recycled to keep the environment clean. The domestic water is so pure and natural that people don’t use any other filter equipment in their home which in turn adds up to the cleanliness of the surroundings.

Overall, Sweden is always the preferred destination for Overseas Education among Indian Students because of the proper climatic conditions.

2) People and Culture in Sweden:

People in Sweden are very straight and well-structured in terms of work-wise which can also be defined as organized people. In spite of the latest fashion, the Swedish people prefer to stay very casual both during professional and personal time.

People in Sweden love coffee. They will call it “Fika” as per Swedish tradition. Swedish custom can be directly connected with the changing seasons throughout the year. As the winter is very chill in Sweden, so Swedish people celebrate the arrival of summer with great pomp by socializing and having great food and music with friends and relatives.

One such occasion is the “Fiddlers” meeting which is celebrated throughout the country. Another one is the “Valborg” celebration held in Uppsala and Lund. Valborg marks the arrival of spring which is celebrated with bonfires, day-long champagne breakfast, champagne gallop competition, great enjoyable parties, and thrilling boat races.

3) Indian Students in Sweden – Cost of Study, Universities & Expenses:

EU/EEA/Nordic country or Switzerland students are blessed with Zero tuition fees whereas other international students have to pay the tuition fees accordingly. For studying higher education like Master’s or Doctorate, it might range between 80,000 SEK to 140,000 SEK (SEK is Sweden’s currency. And apart from that, a student requires 8000 SEK on a monthly average.

Universities in Sweden can be divided into 2 parts where one is referred to as University and the other one is called University College. There are close to 14 Sweden Universities and 21 University colleges in Sweden. The difference between the two is that the University in Sweden has the sole right to award a Master’s or Doctorate degree directly to the student. But whereas in terms of University colleges, the Swedish government will decide to give permission to the university college that too within a few specific subjects or modules.

European Union (EU) students do not require any study visa apart from their nationality proof whereas other international students must either require a visa or residence permit for studying in Sweden. Note: If you are planning to study for your Master’s or Ph.D. in Sweden then currently the waiting time for a residence permit visa takes about two to three months to receive, so you have to plan it accordingly and process your application immediately in case you get the admission-reply.

Remember, Stockholm is one of the most expensive cities in Sweden. In terms of accommodation, there can be two scenarios for students, one is to directly contact the university which can help in providing a guaranteed stay, or also they will help you to assist in finding the perfect living space. Whereas the second case is if you have enough finance then one can opt for a private flat for rent. 

Finally, if you got any other queries or want more information regarding studying in Sweden for higher education, then contact Admissiongyan, Study in Sweden education consultancy in Koramangala, Bangalore.

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