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A Comprehensive Guide to TestAS Participation and Results

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Participating in a test is a significant step toward achieving your academic goals. Whether you’re taking the TestAS (Test for Academic Studies) for university admission or personal development, being well-prepared and understanding the test procedures is essential.

In this article, learn more about:

In this blog, we will delve into the details of test participation, providing you with a comprehensive guide to what you need to bring, the duration of the test, the test procedures, and how TestAS is marked. Let’s explore each aspect in depth.

What Do I Need to Bring for the Test?

When preparing for the TestAS, it’s crucial to gather the necessary items to ensure a smooth test experience. Here’s what you should bring with you:

  1. Valid ID: Remember to bring a valid identification document, such as a passport or identity card. The ID should be the same one used during your TestAS registration process.

  1. Admission E-mail: Carry the admission e-mail sent to you by the test center. This e-mail will serve as proof of your registration and is required for verification purposes.

  1. Black or Blue Ballpoint Pen: You will need a black or blue ballpoint pen to mark your answers on the provided answer sheet. Ensure that your pen is functional and reliable.

Can I Bring Any Aids?

To maintain a fair and standardized testing environment, certain aids are not allowed during the TestAS. Here are the guidelines regarding aids:

  1. Forbidden Aids: Dictionaries, calculators, reference books, teaching materials, and any other aids are strictly prohibited during the test. This ensures that all participants are evaluated based on their individual knowledge and skills.

  1. Paper-Based TestAS: If you are taking the paper-based TestAS, the test center will provide all the necessary materials, including note paper, at the test venue. You are not allowed to bring any personal notes or aids.

  1. Digital TestAS: For the digital TestAS, no aids or notes are allowed. You will complete the test using the provided computer interface, selecting answers by clicking on the screen with the mouse.

How Long Does It Take to Do the TestAS?

Understanding the duration of the TestAS is essential for effective time management during the test. The duration varies based on the test format:

  1. Paper-Based TestAS: The core test in the paper-based format typically takes around 110 minutes to complete. After a 30-minute break, you will move on to the subject-specific test, which lasts between 145 to 150 minutes, depending on the module you have chosen.

  1. Digital TestAS: In the digital format, both the Core Test and the Subject-Specific Test last approximately 90 minutes each. The total examination time for the digital TestAS is approximately three hours, including a 30-minute break between the two parts.

What Is the Test Procedure?

Understanding the test procedure will help you navigate through the test smoothly and confidently. Here’s a breakdown of the procedures for both the paper-based and digital TestAS:

  1. Paper-Based TestAS: The core test and subject-specific tests in the paper-based format are conducted using a multiple-choice question format. You will receive a test booklet for each module, containing the questions, and a separate answer sheet. Using a black or blue ballpoint pen, you will mark the correct answers on the machine-readable answer sheet provided.

  1. Digital TestAS: In the digital format, both the Core Test and Subject-Specific Module are completed using a computer interface. The tasks are presented as multiple-choice questions, and you will select your answers by clicking on the screen with the mouse.

How Is TestAS Marked?

Understanding how TestAS is marked will give you insights into how your performance will be evaluated. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Paper-Based TestAS: After completing the test, you will receive a differentiated certificate that provides detailed information about your achievements in each subtest. The results are presented in points, percentile ranks, and standard values. The certificate includes information about your ranking compared to all other TestAS takers, which is useful for both test takers and universities. Percentile values are directly comparable, and a conversion table is available for comparing standard values.

  1. Digital TestAS: The certificate for the digital TestAS displays your performance in percentile ranks and standard scores for both the core test and the subject module you have chosen. Similar to the paper-based version, the certificate also provides information about your ranking.


Embarking on the TestAS (Test for Academic Studies) journey is an exciting step toward your academic aspirations. As you complete the test, it’s natural to be curious about your results and how to make the most of your TestAS certificate. In this blog, we will delve into the intricacies of TestAS results and certificates, offering valuable insights and practical guidance. Let’s unlock the power of TestAS together!

Receiving and Accessing Your Results

When and Where Do I Get My Results?

After completing the TestAS, you eagerly anticipate your results. For the paper-based TestAS, results are typically available after approximately four weeks. If you opted for the digital format, you can expect to access your results within two weeks. To retrieve your results, simply log into the TestAS website for test takers using your unique username and password.

Retrieving Access Data

What Can I Do if I Forget or Lose My User Name and Password?

In the event that you misplace your TestAS access data, worry not! You can easily regain access to your account. Head over to the TestAS website and navigate to the designated section for retrieving access data. By following a straightforward verification process, you can retrieve your username and reset your password.

Understanding the Certificate

For How Long Is the Certificate Valid?

Upon receiving your TestAS certificate, you may wonder about its validity. The good news is that your certificate holds unlimited validity. It remains a testament to your achievements, serving as a valuable document throughout your academic and professional journey.

How Do I Obtain Additional Certificates?

Having multiple copies of your TestAS certificate can prove beneficial. To obtain additional copies, simply log into the TestAS website at any time. Within the user portal, you will find the option to print out as many copies as you require. This allows you to keep copies for your personal records and provide them to universities or other relevant institutions.

Recognition by Universities and Institutions

How Can the University Access My TestAS Certificate?

When applying to universities, the process of accessing and verifying your TestAS certificate is straightforward. For the paper-based TestAS, universities can verify your certificate by logging into the TestAS website for universities. In the case of the digital TestAS, your certificate includes a QR code that universities can scan to authenticate its details and authenticity. Physical authentication of copies is no longer necessary, streamlining the process.

Do All German Universities Accept the TestAS Certificate?

The TestAS certificate holds recognition among German universities, subject to individual admission regulations. While some universities or specific courses of study make TestAS a compulsory requirement, others consider it optional. It is crucial to inquire directly with the universities or faculties you are applying to understand their specific guidelines regarding TestAS.

Beyond German Universities

Can I Benefit from a TestAS Certificate in My Home Country?

The value of your TestAS certificate extends beyond German universities. The certificate provides comprehensive descriptions of the subtests and the intellectual abilities assessed, along with your achievements. These detailed descriptions offer differentiated information that can be valuable to companies, organizations, and institutions in your home country. It showcases your capabilities and strengths, opening doors to various opportunities.


Your TestAS journey doesn’t end with completing the test. Understanding your results and the power of your TestAS certificate is vital. By accessing your results, managing your certificates, and comprehending their recognition, you can confidently navigate the next steps in your academic pursuits. Embrace the possibilities unlocked by your TestAS achievements and let them guide you toward a bright future.


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