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Demand of Good Engineers in Germany

Updated: Apr 20

Demand of Good Engineers in Germany - Admissiongyan

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Study Mechanical Engineering from Top Germany Universities

Studying Mechanical Engineering in German Universities is the most preferred Masters program by Indian Students. We at Admission, have been continuously hearing this query from the students regarding job opportunities in Germany for Mechanical Engineering & other engineering fields. In German mechanical engineering, machine innovation has always been ingrained in the German engineering culture. This is the reason why there is always a huge demand for Mechanical Engineers in Germany. Now because of this high demand, the Mechanical Engineer can take any kind of specialization and then afterward find a relevant job.

Major MS Engineering Courses from German Universities for Indian Students

  1. Ms in Mechatronics from German Universities

  2. Ms in Automotive Engineering from German Universities

  3. Ms in System Engineering from German Universities

  4. Ms in Production Engineering from German Universities

  5. Ms in Robotics System Engineering from German Universities

  6. Ms in Chemical Engineering from German Universities

  7. Ms in Computational Science from German Universities

  8. Ms in Computer Science from German Universities

  9. Ms in Artificial Intelligence from German Universities

  10. Ms in Data Science/analytics from German Universities

  11. Ms in Big Data Analytics from German Universities

3 Super Facts to Check for Mechanical Engineering from German Top Colleges;

Almost every Master’s in Engineering in German Universities and management program comes with these fields because it makes processes more efficient and to organize resources in a better way. Companies always prefer people who had some kind of management experience or management knowledge in their masters. Here we present the 3 Super Facts that you need to check while considering about pursuing MS Mechanical or any Engineering degree from German University.

1) Mechanical Engineer’s Salary in Germany;

Once you’re done with the specializations let’s talk about money that an engineer will get with a Masters in German University & without Masters. After a bachelor’s, the average salary for a Mechanical Engineer in Germany is forty-five thousand five hundred Euros per year. That is a monthly income of almost three thousand eight hundred Euros without taxes. Whereas within MS in Mechanical Engineering degree from German Universities can expect to earn somewhere around fifty thousand Euros per year without taxes. Now with the rise in work experience, your salary should rise too and after 3-6 years of work experience, you can expect to earn eighty thousand to ninety thousand euros per year without any kind of taxes. Some major companies which you should definitely be focusing on are Airbus Lufthansa auto Fox wagon group and Daimler. All of these companies are really big which means they have a lot of revenue and they also have a lot of workforce. That means you also have higher chances there to get assimilated after your or after your bachelor’s is done in Mechanical Engineering.

2) Do an Internship while Pursuing Mechanical Engineering:

The first thing when you’re doing your Masters in Germany, definitely try to do an internship between your Masters. Your Masters is for four semesters, but try to take one extra semester out to do an Internship. Even if it’s not in the same city where your university is, we recommend doing it. It doesn’t matter if you have to fly to Berlin or if you have to fly to Munich. You go there you stay there for six months to do an internship & get some work experience. Companies feel more secure and more comfortable in hiring somebody with experience in the subject. When I said experience, it is totally the practical experience. The one whom they have seen how he works, how he manages people & how he organizes things rather than hiring a total stranger whom they have just known for 15 minutes in an interview. So this is really important for you if you can manage to find a veteran job or a part-time job or do an internship. This is definitely going to boost up your job chances.

3) Learn the German Language for Better Career Enhancement:

You really don’t need to have German language skills while pursuing your Masters! No language issues at all. Yeah, you heard it correctly because Indian and other International students can pursue MS in Germany in the English language itself. German Universities will provide courses in the English language. But if you really want to have a long career in Germany or in German companies in other countries, you need to learn the German language. if you have somewhere around the b2 level or b1 level that is already a really sweet spot. Here the companies can trust that this person is going to learn the German language.

Companies will believe that the candidate is going to integrate better into the team. Honestly in the end, if you’re working in a company, it is very important for them to assure that the people in that company feel more comfortable with you. That you can work together as a team very easily. So this is again something that is very important to learn the Germán language. You have two years and it’s more than sufficient time. As far as we have seen, maybe six and nine months would be more than enough for you to learn German.

Many aspiring engineers from all parts of the world head to Germany. They get trained well and acquire the required skill set. The local engineers are predominantly stereotyped. Innovative engineers work more efficiently and produce better results. They conveniently adjust themselves to different demanding environments.

As a leading education Consultancy who is specialized in Germany, Admissiongyan is successful in helping aspiring students who want to pursue Master’s in mechanical engineering from;

  1. Selecting the Right German Universities

  2. Selecting the Top Colleges in Germany

  3. Student Visa for German Education

  4. Transportation arrangements

  5. Bank Loan for Study in Germany

  6. Mockup Interviews for German Education

  7. Accommodation in Germany

  8. Part-time Job Opportunities in Germany

  9. 100% Admission in German Colleges

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