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Types of Student Visa to Study Masters in France

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Visa Requirement to Study in France for Indian Students:

France is one of the popular destinations for the Study Masters Program for Indian Students. France stands out as a prime choice for students aspiring to achieve higher education excellence and obtain a Student Visa for France. And most of the students and their parents have a lot of concerns and queries regarding the following points:

  1. Top Universities in France

  2. Top Masters Colleges in France

  3. Best French Masters Courses

  4. French Education Scholarships

  5. Students Accommodation in France

  6. The part-time job in France

  7. France Student Visa

Why Study Higher Education in France?

France is the 3rd most preferred destination for international students in terms of higher education after the USA & England. France being a member of the Schengen Agreement is one of the most developed European countries in terms of education not only for the international student but also for Indian students. France along with reputed universities and colleges has a rich heritage of culture, customs, countryside, and unique cuisine to dine for. French institutes offer academic, technical, and professional degree programs for all international students. Over 1.5 million international students enroll in France universities making France the top rank among OECD countries. French institutes also provide excellent research programs in different courses or topics. For an international student, it is highly recommended to Study Masters in France since French universities are an excellent source of higher education. Higher categories in France are mainly categorized into three sections:

  1. Public Universities

  2. Grandes Ecoles

  3. School of Art and Architecture

Most of the French academic session starts in the month of September and ends in June.

Cost of Studying Masters in France:

One of the biggest advantages for Indian students to studying in France is due to the low fee structure as compared to other study destinations. For Bachelor’s degree, major French universities charge almost 180 euros a year, 250 euros per annum for a Master’s program, and near about 350 euros per year for Ph.D. or Doctorate program. An essential factor to keep in mind for Indian students is the visa factor required for higher studies in France. Talking the living expenses, accommodation, and job placement factors in France can be categorized into variable segments: The first category can be defined as mostly a student would need approx. 500 euros per month to accomplish the major needs like home to stay, food to eat, and transportation. Campus accommodation would take almost 120 – 400 euros a month. In short, if a student has a good financial backup then they can also look out for an independent house for rent to stay in. Finally about the job scope in France for Indian students planning to take up their higher studies should know that in France a student can work part-time and study if he/she plans to. France provides an opportunity where students can register with a French-approved social security system if they are interested to study and work. It is said that an international student can earn almost 8 euros per hour if they intend to work part-time.

4 Types of France Student Visa for Masters

1) Schengen France Student Visa (short duration)

The above visa can be helpful to those students whose course term lasts less than three months. The Schengen student visa is issued free of charge and cannot be renewed.

2) Visa to SIT Entrance Exams

This visa category is for those students who want to apply for one or more university entrance exams. A student can apply for the visa de court séjour étudiant Concours, which means a visa for sitting entrance exams. This visa criterion states that if a student appears for an exam and passes, then he/she is eligible to apply for a renewable, one-year residence permit.

3) Temporary long-Stay Visa

The visa process also called de long séjour temporaire pour études, is a temporary France student visa that allows Indian students to study in France for up to a period of 6 months. This student visa also covers the residence permit for the students.

4) Long-stay France Student Visa

“visa de long séjour pour études” or the “extended-stay VLT-TS”, is a long-stay visa for those students who want to study in France for longer than six months. This visa acts as a residence permit and lasts for the duration of your study period. For more queries or info on the study in France, contact Admissiongyan Education Consultancy in Bangalore.


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