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4 Tips to Study in Europe for Free

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

If you are planning to study in Europe, you will be surprised to know that students can do their graduation from Germany for free not only in Germany but also in most of the countries in the European Union (EU)which have universities with quality education, while students getting admissions without a pinch of GRE, IELTS/TOEFL or even Tuition FEES in the application pie.

Study in Europe Tips:

 1. Free Education 

On average, the cost of higher education tuition fees for an international student from a non-European country public universities in most European countries range from 0 to 500 Euros a semester. And traveling around the continent is not as complex as in Asia and is very cheap.

  1. German universities come under the jurisdiction of the Government and that’s why they charge very nominal or no tuition fees for students, thus helping international students with low tuition fees.

  2. European government finances education with taxpayer’s money so universities and state university colleges do not charge tuition fees for both native and foreign/international students.


You need to fulfil some criteria in order to get admission to the top universities or colleges in Europe without an IELTS score which would easily require you to exempt yourself from the need for one such test. A student showing some proficiency in the English language can prove their eligibility by proving:

  1.  If the student has been educated in the English medium during the five most recent years of study and has English as a first language at the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) or O level (Ordinary Level).

  2.  Need to have a degree that has been taught only in English.

3. Languages

Someone said “Language is not a barrier in this current world in terms of any sort of work” but if you want to study in Europe it becomes the main barrier in each European country due to the rich diversity of spoken languages. Most of the universities are not English-speaking, the only downfall would be being able to speak in the language of the country but I wouldn’t disappoint you as many universities offer courses in the English language. There’s also a lot of focus on Masters Programs taught completely in English. But you can quickly pick up a new language during your time there, and make your resume look even more international.

4. Work Permit

Every student has a dream to work abroad and spend some quality time on their own expenses independently. Many students who want to study abroad in Europe get incentives such as a work permit ranging from months to years while they complete their studies in European universities.

Europe is rich in innovation. Most of the world-class companies are from Europe and are the best in Technology/design. European Universities offer a variety of programs and they are recognized all over the world. The European Union has a share of more than 44% of the total number of patent applications worldwide.

Students get an exposure to an international culture, Europe embraces its education with pinnacle opportunities in career, experienced faculty members and leaders in the field of technology providing in-depth information of their respective areas to the students. The world-class facilities and high-end equipment used in research provide an opportunity to candidate gain an edge over his interests.

So stop dreaming and get ready to study in Europe with the help of the best study in Europe consultant in Bangalore.


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