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Best Universities in Netherlands for Mechanical Engineering

Updated: Apr 20

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Universities in the Netherlands

Universities in the Netherlands stand out for their creativity, lovely climate, problem-solving attitude, and its openness to the world. Studying in Netherland offers you the space to be a pioneer, be creative, and get connected with the world. It has proven to be a true pioneer for discovering inventive solutions to everyday problems. Students are challenged to solve problems with an out-of-the-box approach and work together in case studies to gather and share knowledge. Netherland being a small country, an international orientation extending into education and training is a must to be a successful competitor in our increasingly internationalized world.

Netherlands Education System for International Students

The Dutch education system is interactive, student-centered, and focused on teamwork, which makes it easy to meet other international students needs. The method aims to provide students with both the attention and freedom they need to develop their own opinions and creativity in applying new knowledge. Language has never been a problem while studying in the Netherlands.

Masters in the Netherlands for Mechanical Engineering

The master’s program in Mechanical Engineering will train you to be an expert who understands the entire process, from generating initial ideas into design and analysis to the development of products, processes, and systems, and maintenance and end of life recycling. The program offers unique opportunities to combine various disciplines and will encourage you to push the envelope of what is possible.

From large-scale installations to precision medical devices, mechanical engineers to put high-tech solutions in a human context. Mechanical engineers focus on the design and analysis of machinery, structures, and products as well as production.

Power stations, oil refineries, steel factories, flood barriers, and many more aspect of our modern world is in some way a product of mechanical engineering. Let that be all modern means of transport, air, sea, rail, road, or rocket. All major innovations in the field of medicine and bio-medicine like robot-controlled surgical tools, smart prostheses such as heart valves, and miniature cameras for internal explorations.

It focuses on developing expertise that spans the entire lifecycle of systems and objects, from initiation to design, production, operation, maintenance, and demolition, inspired by the ideals of benefit to society and respect for the environment.

Mechanical Engineering in Netherland Universities

Mechanical engineers are the brains with problem-solving abilities and are attentive to technical details. With such a skill set, they are found apt for many industries like:

  1. Automotive

  2. Chemical

  3. Construction

  4. Aerospace

  5. Electronics

Apart from the above, mechanical engineers are also employed in other sectors like railways, marine, materials, and metals industries. All these sectors offer good career prospects too. Besides, non-engineering industries like IT companies, technical consultancies, and research organizations also employ them.

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