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Tips for Indian Students to Study in Netherlands

Updated: Feb 19

Study in Netherlands

Being a Study in Netherlands Consultant, it is our utmost responsibility to inform students about the benefits of completing higher education from the Netherlands. Students who are interested in higher education in the Netherlands usually have a lot of queries related to the Netherlands visa and college admission process, accommodation expenses, scholarship programs, and many other crucial questions running down their heads.

So in this article, we will provide some helpful tips for Indian students who want to study in Netherlands.

Netherlands – also referred to as Holland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe known for its excellence in Industrial and tourism industry. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam city but all the official functioning of government processes happens at The Hague. With a population of near about 17 million, the major languages spoken in  Netherlands are Dutch, German, and English. But in recent years, due to the change in Immigration law, easy accessibility of visa process and penetration of world-class companies have impacted the economy of the country in a bigger way which in turn has opened the gateway for International as well as Indian students to study in Netherlands. So, here are the different factors that make the Netherlands, as one of the perfect higher education destinations for students.

Universities in the Netherlands provide both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs for international students. All the higher program courses are taught in the English language. Netherland Universities also provide specialized research programs for international students.

Here is the list of top Universities in the Netherlands
  1. University of Amsterdam

  2. Delft University of Technology

  3. Utrecht University

  4. Leiden University

  5. Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Dutch Universities is divided into two types:
  1. Research Universities

  2. University of Applied Sciences

Again these universities provide specific courses that differ from each other. If a student gets admission in Research Universities, then he/she may opt for courses for –

  1. Engineering courses

  2. Economy and Business

  3. Agriculture studies

  4. Environmental Sciences

  5. Science courses

Whereas if one gets admission to University of Applied Sciences then,

  1. Engineering

  2. Economy and Business

  3. Agriculture 

  4. Environmental Sciences

  5. Arts and Culture

Visa Process for Indian students to study in Netherlands

As per the Modern Migration Policy of Netherlands, any non- European student can apply for both regular Provisional Residence Permit and regular Residence Permit at the same time through Entry and Residence Procedure. Once a student provides all the necessary documentation to the university, then the college applies for the student visa through the Immigration and Naturalization Service. To know more about Study in Netherlands Visa Guidance or Consultants, refer Admissiongyan – an Overseas Education Consultant in Bangalore.

Some other key factors to know:
  1. Masters programs are very tough and require serious attention and dedication.

  2. Not all colleges offer Scholarship programs.

  3. For accommodation, the student can either opt for a student’s hostel or if one is planning to save money then can avail the home-stay.

To know more about Study in Netherlands, contact AdmissiongyanOverseas Education Consultancy.


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