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Masters in Data Science from Europe

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Thinking About Studying MS in Data Science from Europe?

In recent years, the term “Data Science” has garnered a lot of buzz both in terms of growing job scope and also in regard to the subject interest among global students. It is no doubt that currently a lot of universities around the world are offering students study the Data Science course but here we will tell you what are the job scope after completing the Data Science course and why a student should opt to study MS in Data Science from Europe?

With this blog, I am going to tell you about Data Science courses, their Scope in the future & of course the best Destination & Top Universities to pursue Masters in Data Science programs.  Enjoy Reading!

What is Data Science Course?

This question might be helpful to those students who have probably only heard about the above term but do not know about it completely. So Data Science can be explained as a complete process to catch, store, manage and analyze the real-time data received from different devices across different platforms associated with the internet, web, mobile devices, social media, web transactions, cybercrimes related frauds, and lastly to all updated scientific Research and Development.

Currently, a huge number of organizations and companies are taking the help of the big data process to capture the market and beat their competitors. On an overall note, it can be said that Data Science is now changing the face of every business which is directly or indirectly affecting the economy of a country and that is the single cause of the rise of “Data Science”. Currently, a lot of international students are choosing to study updated courses like Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI in European countries.

The scope of Data Science in Europe

First, we would like to clear a specific myth that is being believed by many international students that one should know the specific European destination language in order to bag a job that is absolutely baseless. For instance, Berlin provides a lot of data science job opportunities but it’s not mandatory that an individual must know the German language to qualify for the job. Being a certified Data Scientist can open your doors to world-class top companies like Google, Amazon, eBay, Yandex, Facebook, Ericsson, Paddy Power, Capgemini, Mozilla, Here, Zalando, IBM & many more with attractive salary perks and incentives. According to the current market standards, there are tons of data scientist and machine learner roles available but also there are certain criteria that one should not forget which means an individual educational qualification or work experience, language skills, and ready to work in any location and any organization, language skills, etc.

The best European destinations to study Master’s in Data Science

  1. Germany

  2. Ireland

  3. Netherland

  4. Sweden

Top Universities in Germany for Studying MS Data Science Course

  1. Leuphana University  Germany– Luneburg

  2. Neu-Ulm University Germany – Neu-Ulm

  3. Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences – Kamp-Linford

  4. HTW University of Applied Sciences – Berlin

  5. University of Hildesheim – Germany

  6. Technical University of Munich – Munich

  7. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich – Munich

  8. The University of Magdeburg in Germany

  9. The University of Mannheim in Germany

  10. The University of Koblenz Landau in Germany

Top Universities in Ireland for Studying MS Data Science Course

  1. UCD – Dublin

  2. DCU

  3. NUI Galway

  4. UCC

Top Universities in the Netherlands for Studying MS Data Science Course

  1. University of Amsterdam – Amsterdam

Top Universities in Sweden for Studying MS Data Science Course

  1. Lund University

  2. KTH

  3. Uppsala University

  4. Linkoping University

  5. University of Gothenburg

  6. Chalmers University

So, if you are still having any queries or doubts, please feel free to contact Admissiongyan, Education Consultant in Bangalore for study abroad support and guidance.


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